Hookah vs cigarettes – 5 reasons why smoking hookah is better than smoking cigarettes
Hookah vs cigarettes - 5 reasons why smoking hookah is better than smoking cigarettes

The discussion on whether preferring hookah over cigarettes is better or worse has been going for at least as long as hookahs have existed. While there are multiple views on this topic, we take the social aspect and step into the hookah vs cigarettes discussion. Here are 5 reasons why smoking hookah is – at least in our opinion – better than smoking cigarettes.


#5 There is a wide variety of flavors available

Nakhla tobacco 50g package flavored cherry and coconut shishaThe first reason why smoking hookah is better than smoking cigarettes is simple – there are almost endless opportunities when taste comes into consideration. Step in whatever tobacco store that sells hookah molasses and you’ll see it yourself – the classical tobacco with nicotine, molasses without nicotine, steam stones and gels. Simply choose whatever rocks your boat the most.

They both have their pros and cons – we’ll dive in those at some point in the future. However, simply put – if you’re into getting that pleasure from a hookah session, choose the classical tobacco. But if you’re looking for social activity and saying “I love you” to your health, go for the non-nicotine options.


#4 Tastes better

hookah taste awesomely goodAnother point in the imaginary hookah vs cigarettes match goes to hookah – it tastes better. Well, sure, there are many taste options within cigarettes too – cherry tobacco, vanilla or cognac-flavored cigarillos and so on. But all of those leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth and on your lips.

However, have you felt this kind of taste after a great hookah sessions? If you’ve prepared your hookah the right way, probably not. What you feel instead is a fresh taste of fruits or berries. And who of us wouldn’t like that?


#3 You can do it indoors

Indoors hookah smoking - man is enjoying it a lotYou know what is also great in this hookah vs cigarettes comparison? You can smoke your hookah indoors without being worried that your clothes, curtains and sofa smells bad afterwards. Sure, hookah too leaves some kind of distinguishable thick air, but it can’t be compared to cigarette smoke.

However, if you choose to smoke your hookah indoors, always try to open a window or two – your session turns out far better that way, you’ll feel more fresh and, furthermore, the emotion lasts longer.

Fun fact – Hekkpipe is a great hookah for outdoor activities. See our blog post on the best portable hookahs in 2017 and 8 of the most extreme places to do hookah.


#2 It lasts longer

hookah lasts longer than cigarettesSmoking is a bit like sex – we all like if it lasts longer. And lasting longer is another reason why hookah is better than smoking. An average cigarette lasts for about 20 puffs, however, an average hookah session lasts for about 200 puffs. That means 10 times more pleasure and 10 times more fun!

However, we highly recommend doing hookah in a company. If you decide to do all those 200 puffs all alone…well, you might get a headache. Or not. But don’t say we warned you. 🙂


#1 The mystical X factor – the main argument in the hookah vs cigarettes discussion

mystical factor - hookah is just better than cigarettesWell, you must admit it – doing hookah is kind of a ritual and there is this mystical X factor in it. The preparing, choosing the tobacco or molasses, igniting the coal and so on – this enables you to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming hangout. And being the soul of every hangout is what hookah, especially Hekkpipe, is all about.


Go on, join the company!


So, this was our view on hookah vs cigarettes discussion. In terms of social smoking, those five reasons should convince you why smoking hookah is better than smoking cigarettes. Don’t forget to post memories of your hookah hangouts to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.  


Full disclaimer: we don’t claim that smoking hookah with tobaccos that include nicotine is somehow healthier or less harmful – it isn’t. Even though hookah tobacco does not include tart. Nevertheless, there are some aspects why preferring hookah is good – well, besides the fact that you can always choose molasses without nicotine, right?


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