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The delivery time to European countries with DHL courier is usually 2-7 business days. For Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) the delivery time to DPD parcel machine / to door is usually between 2-4 business days.

The delivery time to US and Canada with DHL courier is usually 2-7 business days. Exceptional cases up to 5 business days.

The delivery time to Asia and Australia with DHL courier is usually 4-8 business days.

For international delivery we use mostly DHL Express. To some regions and countries also DPD.

The shipping cost internationally with DHL Express is 25 EUR and it doesn’t increase depending on how many products you order, so order with your friends.

DPD parcel delivery service (available in Baltics) costs can vary:

  • For orders up to 29,99€ the delivery to the parcel machine is 3,5€
  • For orders more than 30€ the delivery to the parcel machine is 0€
  • Delivery to the shipping address is 6€

When the package is to be shipped outside of Baltic’s, we will send you a shipment tracking link, so you always know where the package is and the estimated arrival time of the package.

When you discover any kind of damage when the shipment company has given the package over to you, then please make a photo from the broken corner and let it be written on the delivery note. When you see any broken parts after opening the package, then please make photos from different angles and send descriptions with photos to us.  We can then put together a valid claim and organize new shipment, free of charge.

Discounts and promotions

We don’t do discounts on our online channel, as we sell goods only to business clients.

Spare parts and accessories

Yes, we will provide a free grommet with your new bowl or stem.

You can order a new hookah grommet. Since it could get easily lost, we recommend buying more than one 😉

We wrote a comprehensive blog post about choosing the right hookah coal.

Of course we prefer natural coals, but naturally it’s more comfortable to use an instant coal. For more information, please see our blog post.

There are many great hookah tobacco brands, but to name a few of what we like best: Al Fakher, Fumari, Starbuzz, Fantasia and Social Smoke. The selection is wide and tastes are different, so you should just go ahead and start trying new things. These brands offers very good quality tobacco, although some might not be accessible everywhere and could be too expensive.


We have a thorough, but really easy-to-follow cleaning instruction for your hookah Hekkpipe.

All in all, for cleaning the stem, hose and bottle, a simple warm or hot water will do. If you wish, you can use some soap or dish-washing detergent, but be careful to rinse afterwards! Remember to leave the hose to hang somewhere after washing. If you pack your hose after washing it, the water won’t run out and thus leaves an unpleasant smell.

For cleaning the bowl, you can use paper towels, hot water and kitchen sponge for cleaning and removing the excess tobacco. But if you’re struggling with burnt tobacco, we would recommend to use an aluminium kitchen scraper. There are also steel scrapers, which look exactly the same but they are way stiffer and may damage the glaze. With the aluminium one, we haven’t noticed significant damage to the bowl. But it certainly isn’t necessary to use it after every session, as long as the burnt tobacco doesn’t start affecting the taste.

There is no need to wash the hookah box, but if you’d like to, you can – the box can handle water.

We recommend cleaning hookah right after using it. Some differences apply to various parts:

  • the tobacco bowls – clean it after each session before refilling it with tobacco.
  • the rest of the stuff – the hose, the bottle, the stem etc – clean it once after your hangout.

We all like to enjoy a clean hookah with a fresh taste which gives us thick smoke. But how on earth can we achieve it? The answer is as simple as it sounds – clean it! Cleaning Hekkpipe in a nutshell means that you get a healthier hookah experience each time while keeping it hygenic the same time. If you don’t clean your hookah, burnt tobacco and smoke will remain on different details. This, unfortunately, makes the hookah taste bad, not fresh.

Ordering and payment

When a product is shown to be out of stock in our website, we always encourage you to contact us and ask about that specific product. More often than not the product is actually not out of stock and we are simply experiencing some kind of error with our website. If the product happens to be out of stock, restocking usually takes up to a week.

It is possible that this particular pipe in that specific color is out of stock. However, there is also a possibility that we are simply experiencing some kind of error in our website. In both cases, you should let us know and we can fix the problem or organize restocking.

There are 3 options for payment:

  1. Secure debit/credit card payment in EUR currency through EveryPay.
  2. Secure debit/credit card or PayPal payment in EUR or USD currency through PayPal.
  3. Secure payment through bank-link through Maksekeskus in Baltic’s and Finland.

Sure, if your favorite hookah shop sells Hekkpipes. If not, then please send us an email to and add their contact information so we could try to fix this situation.

Additionally, when you don’t find a hookah from your local shop, please order from us and we will do our best that it would reach to you as fast as possible.

Yes, it is possible, when you write to before making an order. Please let us know what is on your mind. Currently we handle these orders personally, but in the near future you can select everything from our website.

General questions about Hekkpipe and hookah smoking

We believe that every Hekkpipe is the right choice for you 🙂 But how can you choose the best one which satisfies your every hookah need ?
From a practical aspect, a Hekkpipe Active is the best choice for an active person – you can easily take it with you to the beach, to the forest ot even to a snowboarding trip (we have learned that from our own experience 😉 Active is also the most wallet-friendly option for you.

If you value looks and elegance, then both Hekkpipe Hexagon and Deluxe should be more of your taste, making a wonderful accesory to your home. Deluxe, like Active, is also easily transportable, but has very elegant details – oak wood, leather parts and superior finishing, though it is a bit more expensive.

You can make your Hekkpipe very personal, add a custom engraving, switch colors of sides etc – we can do it, if you can imagine it!

The warranty period against defects in material or workmanship is 24 months from delivery.

For the best Hekkpipe experience you should always follow the instructions given on our hookah manual.

If you have followed all the instructions well and are still experiencing problems, you can contact us and explain in detail what seems to be off. Then we can do our best to help you, because we believe that the right Hekkpipe experience is the best hookah experience and everyone deserves to have that 😉

We also recommend taking a look at our pro tips for getting the maximum out of your hookah sessions.

It is fairly difficult to break your Hekkpipe. Of course it’s possible to brake virtually everything, but whats the point of that? 🙂 So we ask you not to hit your Hekkpipe with hard or sharp objects, not to throw it to the wall nor drop it from height. The only part of the Hekkpipe, which is more easily breakable is the bowl, but it can be exchanged quite easily.

A Hekkpipe session is usually about 75-90 min long, depending on the setup and number of people.

Deluxe is more expensive because of the materials used and hours it takes to make something that beautiful and elegant. Each peace is carefully made. For materials we use strong and mighty oak and natural leather details.

Deluxe also works very well. In terms of functionality, Deluxe and Active are virtually identical.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to integrate other hookah parts with our Hekkpipe, without compromising the integrity and performance of the pipe. Every part is specially designed for Hekkpipe, considering all the necessary parameters, to get the right heat balance, lightweight and portability.

This is very simple – just tilt the hookah up to 45 degrees. You can find more details and an instructional video in our blogpost how to move hookah coal.

Well, we have a blog just for you, please see our hookah tips.

In a nutshell:

  1. Use ice and cold water
  2. Use wet and fresh quality tobacco
  3. Gently blow some air out from time to time
  4. Use the appropriate amount of tobacco (be sure to leave a little space between the foil and the tobacco)
  5. For Hekkpipe Active and Deluxe, you need to use 9 layers of tinfoil. For Hexagon, the tinfoil is not necessary, but you can try using two to four layers of it to reduce the coal’s heat
  6. Move the coal every 5-7 minutes so that the tobacco won’t burn. Also, to regulate the heat more effectively, break the coal into pieces
  7. Choose natural coal instead of instant coals
  8. Use a vortex bowl, such as Hekkpipe hookah bowl
  9. Change the water in your hookah bottle or base after each session
  10. Take care of your hookah! 🙂


Yes, you can, but it should be taken into account that the total cost of the engraving becomes more expensive, depending on the complexity of the engraving.

Yes. We allow engraving on the upper area of the front side, as long as it agrees with the Hekkpipe logo and the general appearance of Hekkpipe. On Deluxe it is possible to engrave only on the back side (other sides are covered with leather).

It is possible to engrave small details for Deluxe and Hexagon, so that the result is very good-looking. For Active, we would rather recommend engravings with thicker outlines and less details.

You can get an engraving on the wooden parts of Hekkpipe, so on the box and also on the wooden part of a hose (for Active or Deluxe). Keep in mind, though, that the engraved area is significantly smaller (about 10×50 cm) than the area on the box.

In general, the engraving will be black/brown and independent of the box color. Each engraving could have a bit different color due to the nature of wood.

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