About us

Hekkpipe is committed to providing high quality hookahs that are fully portable, safe, simple and equally eye-catching at the same time. Our products are designed by HEKK Ltd and made in Tallinn, Estonia, while using the highest quality materials. Every detail is carefully thought out and custom made to provide you with the most unique hookah experience.

Our story

Hekkpipe was born out of love for snowboarding and the need to combine active lifestyle with the second most pleasurable activity – the hookah smoking. On a yet another snowboarding trip to Southern Estonia’s hills and slopes in 2007 Indrek realized that classical hookahs are not practical, sturdy and safe enough to accompany his continuous adventures on snow, land and sea. What if hookah could be designed to be durable enough to survive even the most impulsive undertakings while looking even sleeker than the original design, thought Indrek to himself. That’s when the classical light-bulb moment occurred and Hekkpipe – the safest, most practical and sleekest hookah on Earth – was born.

After prototyping and treating his friends with a few specimens, Indrek and the team decided on the basis of the feedback to develop his idea even further and original Hekkpipe Active, that had achieved the reputation of the epicenter of every party, got two new cousins, Hekkpipe Deluxe and Hekkpipe Hexagon. Hekkpipe Deluxe aims for higher elegance with its high quality oak wood case and stylish leather strap, while Hekkpipe Hexagon makes speechless with its impeccable simplicity and extravagant design.

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