For the best hookah experience prep your Hekkpipe the right way


Take the hookah apart!

Fill the bottle half full of cold water.

250 ml or 8.5 oz is perfect.


Pro tips:

  • When the water comes to the hose, lift the hookah up and pour the water away from the hose.
  • If you don’t hear the bubbling sound when smoking then add some water.
  • You can add ice to the bottle to get tasty, cool smoke.

Screw on the stem and attach the hose.

Guide the hose through the back of the wooden box onto the hose port of the hookah stem.


Use the needle to pull pieces of tobacco into the bowl.

This way you keep the pincers clean of tobacco to easily light the coal.


Tobacco Pro tips:

  • Shred the chunks of tobacco into smaller pieces so heat can strike the tobacco more evenly.
  • Don’t pack the bowl above the holes on the center vortex to leave a space between the foil and the tobacco. This also keeps the holes clean of burnt tobacco.
  • Use only fresh and wet tobacco as dried tobacco will burn your throat.

Wrap the Bowlie with 9 layers of foil.

Since Hekkpipe’s magical safety cone reflects back heat, it’s a good idea to use more layers of foil to prevent the tobacco from burning.

9 layers give you lots of smoke without burning the tobacco 😉

Poke 30 - 50 holes.

Pierce the area marked in blue to get good airflow.


Place the Bowlie on the bottle.

Place the bowl tightly and make sure the bottle touches the inner back wall of the box.


Light the coal and place it on the Bowlie

  • When using quick-lighting charcoal, hold the coal with pincers while igniting it.
  • Natural coal needs a lot more exposure to heat to get it red hot. A stove, torch or a fireplace will do the trick.

Coal Pro tips

  • To better regulate the heat, break the coal into pieces. You will get the best smoke when using ¾ of a full round of coal at once.
  • Don’t place the coal pieces on the foil until they have finished sparkling and are red hot all over.

Close the lid gently and enjoy your session


Pro tips for the perfect session

  • Never smoke with the front cover open as the safety cone can’t hold the hot coal in place.
  • If the smoke gets harsh, blow carefully into the hose to ventilate. You can also do this to  get fresh smoke. If you blow too hard, you might push water into the bowl and ruin your session.
  • To move the coal around on the bowl, just tilt your Hekkpipe. It is a good idea to do this after every 5 minutes so that the tobacco heats evenly.

We hope this helps generate some thick clouds!

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