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How are things at Hekkpipe – an international hookah company? In our recent post, we gave you an overview of our product development process. Now, it’s time to find out more about our hookah company and further plans. We are honored to share you the top countries you can find Hekkpipe from. As a bonus, there’s a cool infographic included!

Keeping track of all the orders and gathering cool statistics for sharing can sometimes be a real struggle. But we have managed to do it. This is the very first time we show you our cards, literally. Meet Hekkpipe, the international hookah company.


Can you find Hekkpipe from Madagascar?

Did you know that since mid 2015 our top markets are Estonia, Germany and United States? We make a major bow to all our fans out there who have helped us to grow as a hookah company. But there’s a long way to go – even though the world map infographic might make you feel that Hekkpipe hookah company has invaded the world, it’s not the case.

There are countries we’ve shipped only some hookahs. Madagascar, Taiwan and Australia are only three colorful examples of countries we’ve shipped our magnificent hookahs.

Feeling like Hekkpipe could be present in your home country? Let us know or simply get yourself your very own Hekkpipe hookah.


Free international shipping

Since September, we made some improvements to our international hookah shipping terms. Now we offer free international shipping to all purchases starting from 200 euros. Whether you live in Japan, Saudi Arabia or in some other cool country, it doesn’t really matter in terms of shipping – we offer free shipping to any corner of the world.


PS. For our Estonian clients – yes, we do ship our hookahs to Tartu and other towns. 😉


Did you notice a missing country from our map? Let us know in the comments and we’ll fix that one. Or, order Hekkpipe to a country currently missing from the map. 😉

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