The coolest hookah engravings from Hekkpipe
The coolest hookah engravings from Hekkpipe

Hekkpipe stands out from its competitors – that’s for sure. As the most portable hookah in the world, you can take it with you nearly everywhere. But as they like to say in TV – that’s not all. As a soon-to-be Hekkpipe owner you can make your hookah really stand out by ordering a custom engraving. Here are the coolest hookah engravings from Hekkpipe.

What’s a custom hookah engraving at all?


Personalized engravings are a good way to let your Hekkpipe carry a meaning – be it a word, sentence or even a logo that resonates with you. You’ll stand out in every hangout where you attend with your hookah.

The main pro of adding a custom engraving to your Hekkpipe is that it makes your Hekkpipe unique and one of a kind hookah.

Engrave your name on it and mention it in a pickup line. Or engrave an illustration of your pet on the hookah to show out your love against him/her.

hookah dog
Secondly, a custom engraving is a nice and unexpected surprise to your friend on his/her birthday when adding an engraved quote or a poem.

Here’s one example from our client who decided to write “Enjoying life is not a sin” on the new hookah. Or some wise words like this Estonian client did on the featured photo. 

hookah engraving custom hookah hekkpipe

Last but not least, a custom engraving will certainly cherish your business partners when you give them a Hekkpipe with a logo and greetings.

Just like the Dutch Hookah Addicts chose to do. If necessary, we work with you to find the best solution for the engraving before placing the order.

hookah addicts - custom hookah engraving hekkpipe

I want a piece of the coolest hookah engravings! What’s the next step?

Congrats! You’ve made the right choice! The next step before placing your order is simply to choose – do you prefer a custom or special engraving? They both have their advantages. 

Custom engraving

custom engraving hookah

Your custom engraving can either be a text or a logo. The main thing to keep in mind is that the engraving must fit inside the box shown at “Possible areas for custom engraving”. Otherwise, you’re free to let your imagination fly. Be sure to check out the technical requirements to follow.


engraving specifications

Special engraving

special engraving hookah

To really-really make your hookah stand out, consider a special engraving. We set no limits on the size of your engraving. Whether it’s your brand’s logo or a graphic illustration of your pet, we can handle them all. 

The special engraving costs usually between 30 to 100 euros, but hey, that’s nothing compared to the uniqueness of your new Hekkpipe!

Did you know that you can have the special engraving on all sides of the Hekkpipe?

Some more inspiration for your next coolest hookah engravings


Whether you’ll go with the custom or special engraving, the ordering process is a piece of cake! You can place the order for custom engraving on our website and when the time’s right, we’ll send you a confirmation sketch to make sure the engraving will be just as you want it to be.

Not sure about the final results? Send your preferable hookah model and the engraving to and we’ll answer with a sketch of how the engraving will look.


So, if you want to be featured next time we write a post about the coolest hookah engravings from Hekkpipe, be sure to place your order and post it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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