Hekkpipe, hookah like no other.

Unique smoking experience.

Hekkpipe portable hookah takes your hookah experience to another level with its greater airflow and special vortex type bowl that guarantees longer smoking sessions without burning and scorching. Above all, it is very easy to use.

No mess, no stress.

With Hekkpipe you can fully concentrate on the smoking experience without worrying about the burning coal and your clumsy friends. The magical stainless steel cone locks the coal inside and prevents it from burning you and your floor.

Order your custom engraving.

Add some character to your hookah with a personal engraving like your name, your company’s logo, some funny statement or a special wish. Why not give it as a gift to someone special? Depending on the size of the wooden surface, our hookahs have different levels of customization.

>Add a custom engraving to your Hekkpipe<

Take portable hookah anywhere.

Due to its smart and compact design, Hekkpipe is fully portable and ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next, be it the beach, festival, hiking, boat or snowboarding trip. Hekkpipe comes with a shoulder strap (Hekkpipe Active) or hand strap (Hekkpipe Deluxe) that makes it easy to carry around.

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