Why choose Hekkpipe hookahs?

While there are many out there, Hekkpipe is the one and only! Meet the world’s most portable hookah!

Unique design

Hekkpipe hookahs are contemporary. They don’t look like hookahs at first glance, but inside they are 100% what they are supposed to be.

Each hookah – looking nice and clean like Nordic design should be – is custom-built. All hookahs come with engraving and color options available.

Did you know that:

  • Hekkpipe Active is the world’s most portable hookah.
  • Hekkpipe Hexagon is the first hookah using magnets.
  • Hekkpipe Deluxe features leather details.
Unique hookah design
Fully customizable hookah

Fully customizable

Give your Hekkpipe hookah some personality! 


You can design your very own custom hookah! You can add a personalized engraving to let your hookah carry a word or sentence or even a logo that resonates with you.

Or walk the extra mile and customize the whole looks – engrave a pattern, illustration or any other masterpiece to it! Active and Hexagon hookahs are available in custom color, too – every side can be colored differently.

Why not seek some inspiration on how to customize your hookah or see the coolest hookah engravings.

100% portable

Hekkpipe was born out of love for snowboarding and the need to combine an active lifestyle with the second most pleasurable activity – the hookah smoking.

All Hekkpipe hookahs are built to be portable and safe, making them the ideal choice for outdoor activities. Thanks to the magic safety cone, Hekkpipe is perfect for indoor usage as well, leaving your floors and carpets untouched.

Did you know that:

  • you can tilt your Hekkpipe up to 45 degrees without losing the functionality.
  • all Hekkpipe hookahs are wind- and foolproof.
  • Hekkpipes are lightweight, compact and feature no easily breakable parts.
Fully portable hookah

Ultra safe

Portability is nothing without safety. That’s the principle we kept in mind when designing the Hekkpipe hookahs. 

With Hekkpipe, you can fully concentrate on the smoking experience without worrying about the burning coal and your clumsy friends. The magical stainless steel cone locks the charcoal inside and prevents it from burning you and your floor.

Did you know that:

  • you can continue your session even after the hookah falls over – simply raise it back up.
  • no need to worry about breaking the hookah – Hekkpipe lasts for years.
  • the burning coal can be moved without using the hookah tongs – just tilt your Hekkpipe.

Built with the highest quality

Hekkpipe hookahs are built with the best materials available. 

Did you know that:

  • we use food graded products.
  • almost all parts and details are recyclable.
  • Hekkpipe Deluxe uses leather details to add some extra touch.
Built with the highest quality
High quality materials used


Each hookah detail is finished with care and dedication! That’s how we achieve the top-notch quality.

Did you know that:

  • hookahs are colored by hand and the leather details are hand made.
  • our masters have loads of experience in production.
  • we have high-quality control and the highest standards for all products available in the shop.

Easy to clean

All Hekkpipe hookahs feature minimalistic Nordic design. This means they are super easy to clean!

Cleaning matters – that’s why we have thought of cleaning even when designing the tobacco bowl. The Hekkpipe hookah bowl you find in the set features a tower in the middle, which prevents your tobacco from burning.

  • Your hookah won’t get too dirty, thanks to the vortex bowl.
  • Every detail is washable.
  • The cleaning process is fast and easy.
Cleaning hookah is easy and really fast
Easy to set up hookah

Easy to set up

Hekkpipes are very fast to set up compared with other hookahs!


Your hookah is all ready to smoke with one to three minutes.


We also educate our clients continuously on how to set up their hookahs and achieve the best hookah session ever experienced!

Less tobacco and coal needed

Hekkpipe hookahs need less tobacco and coal for each session – save time and money!

  • Hekkpipe hookahs need less water – only about 250 ml (8,5 oz).
  • Hekkpipe hookahs need less tobacco – 7-8 grams per session does the trick compared to the usual 15-25 grams.
  • Less charcoal required thanks to the heat management system that reflects heat and lets your tobacco bake evenly.
Less hookah coal and tobacco needed

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