Looking for a portable hookah? Here are the best ones in 2017
portable hookah - Here are the best ones in 2017

Hookahs have been around for decades, but in recent years the portable versions have gained popularity and one by one taking the market from the traditional hookahs. The hookah lovers have learned that a portable hookah works indoors at least as well as a traditional one, but offers more security and the opportunity to move.

We did some research on five portable hookah models: the Hydrogen O2 Hookah, the insahAR 2.0, the Mikro MYA portable hookah and two Hekkpipe models – Active/Deluxe and Hexagon. The bottomline of this comparison is portability – whether you can actually take your hookah with you wherever and whenever you go. The choice is diverse and while the criteria for choosing your favorite may differ, there are still some that stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for the best portable hookah, here is the TOP 5 in 2017 based on our research.


Hydrogen O2 Hookah

Hydrogen O2 Hookah - portable and lightweightOur colleagues from Czech Republic have launched a great-looking portable product called the Hydrogen O2. This lightweight portable hookah has really found a great balance between contemporary design and portability. As a bonus, it features a magnetic bottom details which makes the hookah nice and sturdy.

From the plus-side, the O2 features an elastic hose that enables you to see the smoke you inhale – nice and cool feature, isn’t it? The O2 is built in a way that it’s literally unbreakable – they’ve used plastic instead of glass in the case of the hose, which increases durability by miles. Furthermore, the tobacco bowl is made from metal – hard as a rock. 🙂

But what about portability? Well, the O2 is advertised as a portable hookah – taking into account the lightness and the fact that it comes with nice packaging where you can place all the details inside the soft foam, it should cover the basis of a portable hookah. However, there’s one small detail – this really isn’t a portable hookah. Here’s why.

You must admit – the Hydrogen O2 is a great looking product, however, there’s a technical issue – the burning coal is not secured. This means that you can’t actually take it with you on the go. You still have to carry your hookah tongs with you to move the coal and when you’re operating on an uneven surface, the coal might fall off your hookah. Or even worse – when it falls over on the floor, the coal might ruin your carpet.

We also noticed that the Hydrogen O2 doesn’t include a windshield, so you’d have to build it on your own and lose the nice and clean looks. Or accept the situation that your session lasts for about 50% less than it could.

Why consider buying the Hydrogen O2?

  • lightweight design offers a lot of options – takes little space in your backpack
  • looks beautiful
  • the hookah features a separate magnetic bottom detail which makes the hookah stable and sturdy while placing it on a metal surface
  • built from durable materials
  • easy to clean

Fun fact – Hydrogen Pipes offer the chance to register your hookah on their website. When you decide to sell your hookah, this registration can prove the authenticity. Oh, and you can get the O2 for about 145 USD (120 EUR).


The vertict – is it a truly portable hookah? 

Yes and no. It has a lot of features that we expect from a portable hookah – light weight and magnetic bottom, but at the same time faces some major drawbacks like the insecure coal positioning.


insahAR 2.0

insahar 2.0 wooden hookah

Another great portable hookah we’ve found comes also from the Czech Republic like the previous one – the insahAR 2.0. The creators of insahAR 2.0 have gone the extra mile in combining the design and portability. The result – a hookah that looks something similar like our Hekkpipe Active or Deluxe does – seems intriguing. Let’s have a closer look.

The insahAR 2.0 model comes in three different colors – light, semi-dark or dark wood. A feature we really like is the opportunity to attach up to four (!) hoses to the hookah. However, in real life, two hoses should be the maximum – four people can’t actually smoke at the very same time and even if they do, the session time decreases dramatically.

The insahAR 2.0 has a really nice finishing and the materials used are of the highest quality. You can see it from every angle imaginable – the hose, the tobacco bowl and so on. It is also very easy to clean – all you need to do to clean the ash is to take the upper part off. We also love that the insahAR 2.00 is incredibly stable – mainly due to its design and heavy weight.

The weight, however, is something that influences the portability. Can you imaging packing a 5.5 kg (12.1 pounds) hookah in your backpack? No, we can’t. It also doesn’t include a separate coal chamber which in the terms of portability and safety means that if you tilt the hookah, the coal simply falls off – just like it would do with a traditional hookah.

Leaving that all aside, there’s one more thing that might scare you – yeap, the price. All the abovementioned will cost you no more or less than 345 USD (290 EUR). Even though the price includes free shipping, you still would get three Hekkpipe Active or Hexagon or two Deluxe models with the same price. Whoah… 

Why consider buying insahAR 2.0?

  • you can attach up to four hoses to the hookah
  • looks stunning in all three finishes


The vertict – is it a truly portable hookah? 

No. It looks like a portable hookah, however, the weight is something that we believe makes the hookah annoying to carry with you. Also, the coal is not secured, thus making the hookah unsafe.


Mikro MYA portable hookah

Mikro MYA portable hookahIf you’re looking for a portable hookah, you might consider something totally different like the mikro MYA portable hookah. Standing at 9” tall this little guy packs a big punch! It comes with a one-of-a-kind stem design and features two hose capability. Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t expect it from a hookah that looks so miniature, would you?

The secret of mikro MYA might hide itself in the burner that already has a screen attached to it, thus enabling it to sit nicely right inside the stem. For you, it simply means that you don’t need to use aluminium foil. You can also use your own bowl with an additional adapter. Taking the price into account this one might be a good investment for some quick hookah sessions wherever you are.

One thing that draws your attention here is its tallness (or, should we say shortness?). We aren’t sure how stable the mikro MYA model really is.

However, we are sure that the hookah definitely doesn’t include a windshield nor a separate chamber for the coal. This means that when the odds are against you and the hookah falls over, your session would still be ruined. In the worst scenario, even your floor.

Why consider buying the Mikro MYA portable hookah?

  • ultra small, but ultra powerful at the same time
  • if you’re looking for a cheap hookah and you aren’t afraid of breaking it


The vertict – is it a truly portable hookah? 

Yes and no. While it’s super easy to carry with you and does the work of a big traditional hookah, it has the same minus as the abovementioned – the coal is not secured. So, you’d have to be really careful when moving with the hookah.


Hekkpipe Active or Hekkpipe Deluxe

If you’re looking for the truly portable hookah, you should consider going for the Hekkpipe Deluxe or Active models. Deluxe and Active are basically sisters or brothers – they both have almost the same features, but differ in terms of finishing. Oh, and by the way – you can design your own Hekkpipe!

Hekkpipe Active is a highly portable hookah that is built to last

The most portable hookah in the world - wooden Hekkpipe Active with shoulder strapIt’s specifically designed to stay safe and functional even when knocked around. Tilt it up to 45 degrees – the smoke is still perfect! It features a stainless steel cone that locks in the burning coal atop the bowl making it easily transportable. The ease-of-use and robust design have made it our bestseller.

Hekkpipe Active hookah is the most portable hookah in the world thanks to it’s shoulder leash. It also comes in six different color options – just choose your favorite.

longboard and Hekkpipe shisha

Photo: @jookahvesipiip

Hekkpipe Deluxe, however, is the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak which make it the most exclusive portable hookah in the world.

Oak wood Deluxe travel hookah


Hekkpipe Deluxe is the sleekest of Hekkpipe collection. This elegant hookah packs a great deal of craftsmanship featuring a quality oak wood case and fine leather elements including a removable hand strap. It’s outstanding character gives you the ability to be a people magnet at every social gathering while maintaining the same level of safeness, ease-of-use and customizability Hekkpipes are known for.

The safety is provided by the stainless steel cone, which locks over the hot coal and keeps it in place even when the hookah gets knocked over.

Why consider buying the Hekkpipe Deluxe or Active?

  • it features shoulder strap (Active) or hand strap (Deluxe)
  • stylish looks and built from durable materials
  • easilly cleanable
  • both feature a stainless steel cone which make both hookahs safe and truly portable


The vertict – is it a truly portable hookah? 

Definitely yes! Super light, both feature a strap and what’s the most important – the cone for securing the coal. This makes both safe and truly portable!


Hekkpipe Hexagon

lightweight 0.6kg modern wooden hookah with magnetsThe previous hookahs weren’t as interesting as you? Well, in that case – look up the Hexagon by Hekkpipe. Hexagon hookah is the only hookah in the world that is designed to work perfectly without foil!

Hekkpipe Hexagon is light-weight, compact and eye-catching. This innovative hookah is super-easy to use and takes half the time to set up compared to your average hookah. Hexagon features a special compartment for the hot coals which eliminates the need to use tinfoil. The compartment is held in place by magnets which makes it easy to access the tobacco in the bowl or add or move coal. Conveniently add or stir tobacco in the bowl during your session without having to touch the coals.

Compared to its relatives – the Deluxe and Active models – the Hexagon is lighter, but at the same time a bit less portable, because it simply doesn’t include a shoulder nor a hand strap.

However, the lack of strap is compensated by the looks of Hexagon. This contemprary design really stands out from its competitors.

Why consider buying the Hekkpipe Hexagon?

  • stylish and contemprary, but durable design
  • very light
  • no need to use aluminium foil
  • the steel cone makes the hookah safe


The vertict – is it a truly portable hookah? 

Yes and no! Although it’s a super light and safe hookah, it doesn’t feature a hand or shoulder strap possibility. That means you can’t take your Hekkpipe Hexagon on the go as you would in the case of Deluxe or Active.


Beer can or bottle portable hookah

If you’re the kind of person who likes to build, construct and maybe improvise a little, turn your eyes to beer can or beer bottle portable hookah instead. You can get one for less than 10 USD (8.3 EUR) from Aliexpress.

We wouldn’t recommend it to any serious hookah fan, however, for this amount of money you can give it a try. Definitely an ice-breaker at hangouts!

The idea itself is simple – there’s a beer can that serves as a bottle or a vase, a short hose that guides the air and a tiny-tiny tobacco bowl. Not a five-star hotel but it’ll probably do its thing.


Some other ideas for a portable hookah

Keeping the hookah in backbagWell, people are brilliant at creativity. Let’s be honest, you can make any hookah portable – just take the hookah apart, pack the details and unpack and rebuild the hookah at a hangout. However, we all know this really isn’t an option nor a comfortable thing to do. Every. Single. Time.

Or, you can simply pack your traditional hookah in a backpack like this bright guy has done – smoke your hookah wherever you go. 🙂



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