8 of the most extreme places to hookah
8 of the most extreme places to hookah

Are you a hookah fan? Then you probably have your own favourite spots for hookah sessions. Whether it’s a private beach in the middle of forests or a cozy couch instead – they both have their “something”. But hey, why not give your Hekkpipe an oppportunity and try something extreme. Here are 8 of the most extreme places where we like to hookah. What’s yours?

#8 Above the city

Rooftops and hookah one of the only great option is HekkpipeWell, doing your Hekkpipe itself makes you feel sky-high. But you could push the limits and get even closer like this adventurous daredevil did.

All you have to do is pick a good location, choose a safe spot to climb on and not forget your Hekkpipe!


#7 While doing your daily backflips

Doing hookah while doing backfilps - best shisha for extreme situations

Photo: Jaanus Jagomägi

Who hasn’t dreamt of being able to do a backflip? Yeah, just like we thought – nobody! Once you’ve managed the backflip skills you could raise the bar. Here’s a challenge for you – next time when doing your daily backflips take your Hekkpipe with you and try the two things at the same time. It’s hekkalicious!

The good thing is that your Hekkpipe stays together – not like any other ordinary hookah. The coal won’t fall off and thus your clothes remain untouched. We guarantee it! All you have to do is learn how to backflip. 🙂


#6 10 000 feet above the ground

Hookah backpack - Hiking on montains with your best friendAre you the kind of person who likes to keep your feet firmly on the ground? When backflipping and climbing higher spots isn’t your cup of tea (or your bowl of tobacco), try hekking (that means – hiking together with your Hekkpipe) instead. Just add Hekkpipe to your backpacking list.

Due to its smart and compact design, Hekkpipe is fully portable and ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next. We’ve used durable materials like aluminium and wood, so there’s no need to worry about breaking something. The result could be something like that – a photograph of you enjoying Hekkpipe 10 000 feet above the ground.


#5 In your car

car hookah - premium deluxe Hekkpipe edition

Photo: @marco_pino_santamaria

If you’re located on the same side of the hemisphere as Hekkpipe’s HQ you might find that summer has finally arrived even here. So roll down your windows – or roof, if you’re lucky enough to own a cabrio – next time you drive your car.

Don’t forget to bring your Hekkpipe with you. Enjoying your hookah while watching a breathtaking sunset or – if you prefer – sunrise is on HEKK of a moment to remember.

Please, though, bare in mind that when you choose to do your hookah while driving, be really-really careful! We need you!


#4 On a boatride

Hookah during boatride on the water

Photo: @mroosimaa

Another alternative place, maybe not so extreme, is a classic boatride. Rent a canoe or any other boat-like-thing, bring your friends (Hekkpipe’s also your friend!) and enjoy the rest.

Doing your hookah on the water is a really refreshening experience and looks magnificent!

Just remember – put your lifevest on and don’t feed the fish with garbage!


#3 Skate- and longboarding

handheld hookah

Photo: @jookahvesipiip

Another advantage of Hekkpipes is that they come along with a shoulder strap (Hekkpipe Active) or hand strap (Hekkpipe Deluxe) that makes it easy to carry around.

You can even take it with you while skateboarding like those two fellows in Viljandi chose to try.

Or try longboarding instead, if you prefer a more comfortable cruise.


#2 Climbing trees

portable hookah box

Photo: Jaanus Jagomägi

Remember when you were a little kid and maybe climbed trees with your friends?

Why not try to go through that memory once again.

Climb an appropriate tree – we’d suggest one that you can sit on – and let the Hekkpipe do the rest.


#1 Anywhere where you can take your Hekkpipe

As you’ve probably realised – Hekkpipe is a fully portable hookah and is ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next, be it the beach, festival, hiking, boat or snowboarding trip. Thus the most extreme places to do hookah are yet to be discovered.

You really can do your Hekkpipe wherever there’s enough room to do a 360-degree spin with your hookah. See the video where our CEO Indrek sets the bar high at last year’s Shishamesse:


What’s your most extreme place where you did hookah? Be sure to share your Hekkpipe experience on Instagram using #hekkpipe hashtag and follow us on Instagram!


Final notes – smoking in public places is not allowed in many countries, including Estonia – Hekkpipe’s birthcountry. Be sure to follow all safety requirements when choosing your extreme places and note that the photos used here are illustrative.


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