Hookah etiquette | How to smoke politely?

Hookah etiquette - How to smoke politely

Hookah etiquette isn’t something that we hear about people talking too often. However, as hookah smoking gains popularity and the number of hookah lounges available increases daily, we do need to talk about hookah etiquette. As every activity has its own manners and good principles to follow, so does hookah smoking. In this article, we share some tips on how to smoke politely. Why not call this post the birth of hookah etiquette? Do you know any other golden rules? Let us know!


Bare in mind the environment and culture

Whether it’s your friend’s apartment or a shisha bar in a foreign country – always find out the behaviour rules. For example, in some Arabic countries it’s not allowed to use washable hookah hoses. So, some people may have the same habits there.

If unsure, ask. Or Google it!

Bare in mind the environment and culture

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Hookahs belong on the floor

Traditionally, hookahs were meant to stand on the floor. Yes-yes, we know it’s cool to see your hookah on the table, but it shouldn’t be there. Really. Also, think about what happens if it falls down? Hint: as a Hekkpipe owner you don’t need to worry about burnt floors or carpets. See more on our Hekkpipe crash test. 😉

Hookahs belong on the floor

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Don’t underestimate hygiene

Hygiene is important. But keeping the hookah session hygienic is a piece of cake. Just use a mouth tip. Why not a separate mouth tip for every smoker? You can get a mouthpiece at Amazon with no struggle!

Don't underestimate hygiene

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Pay respect to the hookah preparer

Keep in mind – the person who prepares and sets up the hookah is the one who starts smoking. Sometimes the hookah may take longer to start, so, a helping hand (or a helping lung) is at its place. Hekkpipes, however, don’t face the “taking-too-long-to-start” problem – the metal cone keeps the heat even. 

Pay respect to the hookah preparer


Don’t forget the rotation!

The golden rule is simple – the hookah rotates clockwise. Or, alternatively the hookah goes directly to the person sitting next to you (not on the opposite side of the table for example).

After you’ve inhaled 4-5 times, it’s a good idea to gently blow into the hose – this way you make the hookah taste better for the next person and cool down the coal a bit & change the air inside the bottle.

Dont forget the rotation

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Don’t blow the smoke to other people’s faces

Sure, your smoke circles and other shapes are cool. But try not to blow them to your friends’ faces. It’s not a pleasant feeling for them.

Dont blow the smoke to other peoples faces


Pass on the hookah

If you’re about to tell the longest anecdote in the world, just pass the hookah on, won’t you? Nobody likes to wait, especially at a hookah hangout.

Pass on the hookah

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Using multiple hoses? Let others smoke, too.

If you use a hookah with multiple hoses, check that you don’t inhale at the same time – do it in turns. This way you can all enjoy the hookah. If you try to inhale at the same time, you break the hookah etiquette and ruin the session.

However, we recommend using only one hose, instead. This way you can enjoy the hookah longer. 🙂

Using multiple hoses? Let others smoke, too

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Don’t forget to clean your hookah – the most important part of hookah etiquette

The fundamentals of a great hookah experience is a well-prepared and clean hookah. Therefore, cleaning your hookah after – and sometimes inbetween the session – matters. Read our recommendations on how to clean your hookah the proper way.

Don’t forget to clean your hookah - the most important part of hookah etiquette

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So, just follow these 9 simple rules – let’s call it the hookah etiquette – and be a polite hookah smoker! Hookah etiquette sounds interesting? You can find more reading from Hookah-Shisha and Fumari’s Hookah Blog.

Don’t forget to post memories of your time with Hekkpipe hookahs to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.  

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