Help, my hookah fell on the carpet!
Hookah fell on the carpet

In the middle of your hangout the worst scenario ever happened – your hookah fell on the carpet! Blame it on your friends, dog or yourself, you can’t turn back time. We all have been in that situation at some point. Yes, even us – the Hekkpipe founders. Here’s how you can save the carpet!

One of the main reassons behind founding Hekkpipe was that our founder Indrek realised that traditional hookahs are not sturdy and safe enough to accompany him on his snowboarding trips. From time to time we saw what happened on hookah hangouts when the heart of the hangout – the hookah – fell on the carpet and ruined the party and the floor.


What happens when your hookah fell on the carpet?

Some say that a photo says more than a thousand words. Well, in that case, a video says more than a ten thousand words. Here’s a quick comparison between a traditional hookah and Hekkpipe active. So called crash test shows you what happens when the hookah fell on the carpet.


Why choose Hekkpipe over a traditional hookah?

Traditional hookahs aren’t safe. When they fall, the coal drops and leaves an ugly hole in your carpet or floor. In addition to that, you won’t be able to continue your session because the tobacco is wet all over and, well, you can’t use the same coal any more.

When choosing Hekkpipe, you don’t have to worry about that. Hekkpipes are built in a way that the lid keeps the coal from falling off. That enables you to smoke the hookah in extreme situations – when snowboarding, doing backflips and so on. Plus, it enables you to continue your session even when the hookah happens to fall over.

Another plus point goes to Hekkpipe because when compared to a traditional hookah, Hekkpipes are far more stable. That means far less sturdyness and far more pleasure. We have done that to help you focus on the most important – enjoying your hookah. 


Have you been in the same situation? Let us know and don’t forget to post your enjoyable moments to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.



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