Why wooden hookah is better than a glass hookah?
Why wooden hookah is better than a glass hookah - Hookah education

Wooden hookahs are here to stay. Wood has always been a valuable material and today, we see wooden smartphone cases, wooden sunglasses and even bowties rocking the world. In this article we’ll talk you through to prove why a wooden hookah is better than a glass hookah. Here are 5+1 reasons why every shisha fan should own at least one wooden friend! Be our guest and read on to find out.


Wooden hookahs are more durable

Wooden hookah is more durable

Photo: Liis Sinitamm


Have you ever dropped a wine glass on the floor? Well, we have. And 9 times out of 10 the glass breaks into million pieces. But have you ever dropped a wooden cutboard? The worst that could happen is that you have a small scratch on the cutboard.

This is why wooden hookahs are more durable than glass shishas. Wood is simply stronger! Take Hekkpipe for example. Built by strong hands of Estonian people, Hekkpipe almost never breaks. At least in normal conditions, right. 🙂

Have you seen our Hekkpipe crash test? If not, you should!


Wooden hookah features less details

Wooden hookahs feature less details

We all started somewhere. Probably the first hookah you had, or maybe the hookah you have today, is a glass hookah. But have you ever thought how much time you spend preparing your shisha? As wooden waterpipes often feature less details than glass hookahs, they are easier to set up. What is more – the less details your hookah has, the less things can get lost. What could be worse than preparing your next hookah session but then realizing that your ash tray has gone missing. Or any other detail. Choose wooden shisha – choose easier life.


Wooden hookahs are easier to clean

Wooden hookah is easier to clean


As wooden hookah is built from less details, it is also easier to clean. Less time spent on cleaning, more time spent on quality hookah sessions. Glass hookah is constructed in a way that it has many sharp corners and edges that attract dirt and other not-so-cool stuff. 

Not that glass hookahs are terrible ones to clean – not at all. Simply put, wooden shishas are just a bit more user friendly. After the session, just wipe the case with moist cloth. And you’re all set for your next one.

See also our blog post on why hookah cleaning matters and how to do it properly.


Wooden hookah is lighter & more portable

Wooden hookahs are lighter and more portable

Photo: Meric Massahli


Is 1 kg of glass heavier than 1 kg of wood? Well, no. But is a glass hookah heavier than a wooden hookah? Most probably – yes. But of course there are some exceptions like insahAR 1.3 weighing 5,5 kgs. Thats like carrying a submarine in your backpack.

The main detail weighing in the case of glass hookah or a traditional hookah is the vase. Hekkpipe, for example, comes with a ultra-light aluminium bottle instead of the heavy vase. Therefore, you get a whole lighter product.

And lightness comes into play when you want to take your shisha with you. Take Hekkpipe Hexagon – weighing as little as 1 kg with the tobacco bowl and the hose, it is a perfect fit to your backpack. Why not take your waterpipe for a little walk or a hike? Hekkpipe can do it as long as you can. See also Hekkpipe Active – the most portable hookah in the world!


Wooden hookahs just look cool

Wooden hookahs look cool

Photo: swisshisha

Can’t argue with that one, can you? Recently, we did some research on the coolest wooden hookahs on the market in 2018. What we found out was that there are numerous wooden hookahs available and each one of them is a masterpiece on its own.

Even if you are not a regular hookah user, you can still benefit from owning one. Just imagine Woogl hookah standing on your cupboard for instance. Doesn’t it look good? Or Hekkpipe Deluxe which is the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak, making it the most exclusive portable hookah in the world.

Of course, it’s cool to see the bubbles through the glass vase, but does it look as cool as a wooden one? Not so sure.


So, if the above mentioned reasons weren’t enough, take our bonus advice. One very good suggestion is simple – why the HEKK not? 😉

If you are looking for a new hookah to replace your glass hookah, why not try out one of the three Hekkpipe wooden hookah products? What can you lose? Nothing. But at the same time, you can win quality hookah sessions, cool looks and a durable product.


Be sure to check out our wooden hookahs and choose your favorite one from our shop!  


Also, don’t forget to post memories of your quality time with our hookahs to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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