Lightweight hookah | Second generation Hekkpipe Hexagon
Lightweight hookah | Second generation Hekkpipe Hexagon

While the bears were having their winter sleep, our team was busy working out the second generation Hekkpipe Hexagon. We started delivering the new products in mid March, therefore it’s the right time to step back for a minute and tell you a bit more why and what exactly has changed.

We have received a lot of positive feedback to the hookah, but we had the feeling that we could walk the extra mile to offer even better hookah sessions. We have improved the hookah session’s quality, hookah’s functionality and we also made numerous design changes. Check them out and place your order for the second generation Hekkpipe Hexagon now. Read on and find out more about the changes and as a bonus – about a new accessory for Hekkpipe Hexagon as well!


#1 Longer and better-tasting hookah sessions

Old Hekkpipe Hexagon hookahs worked well enough without aluminium foil, but depending on the coal used, some changes needed to be made. Previous versions came with a thin metal plate meaning that perfect hookah sessions were achievable with only a specific choice of coals. Now, the Hexagon features a thicker metal plate. Instead of thin 0.3mm plate, we now ship Hexagons with a three times thicker metal plate. Also, there is a small air gap or buffer that separates the thick stainless steel plate and the thin removable plate. 

This ensures that 99 times out of 100 the tobacco won’t burn, but bakes evenly. This enables you to enjoy the session longer without losing the freshness. Furthermore, there’s less hassle with the coal, as well. Now you can use a full piece of natural or instant coal without burning the tobacco.

Or even more – the Hekkpipe Hexagon supports a wide range of coals because you can regulate the heat with the inner metal plate. The metal plate sits tightly in the upper part, decreasing the jingles that were there before.

hekkpipe hexagon updates


As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words. So, here’s the change illustrated.


new hekkpipe hexagon 2019

#2 Less hassle with the coal

We also changed the design of the metal container in the top part of Hexagon. Instead of a cone, we now ship the hookahs with a cylinder-shaped container. This small, but mathematically radical change, means that you no longer have to break the coals. Instead, you can use full piece of natural or instant coal that increases the session length.

We also did some minor changes with the metal plate in the upper part. Decreasing the gap between the metal plate and the upper part means that no ash will fall in your hookah bowl. Fresh-tasting hookah sessions – here we come!

Now you can use bigger coals than before as well!


#3 Better taste since the very first session

You can only have one first impression about something. This goes to the Hekkpipe Hexagon, as well. We now use less lacquer and no color at all in the upper part decreasing even more the risk that you would taste some side taste during your first session.

Moreover, we keep the upper inner part as simple as possible – less finishing, better tasting hookah sessions!


#4 Readiness for new add-ons

Readiness for new add-ons


All Hekkpipe Hexagons shipped since mid March feature magnets in the bottom of the hookah box. Why? The answer is simple – we soon start to ship cool add-ons for our hookahs and therefore we want our hookahs to be ready for those.

The first in line is the stability plate. This simple detail increases the hookah’s stability, making it nearly impossible to fall over. See our test video and check it out!

Now, the Hexagon is super-super safe making it the perfect choice for home use and hookah lounges as well.



New Hekkpipe Hexagon features 12 small magnets in the bottom of the hookah box that attach perfectly to the soon to be shipped stability plates. If you don’t fancy the stability plate, there’s however no need to worry about magnets getting dirty or ruined by the time you decide to go for the stability plate. This is why we ship protection plates with the second generation hookahs.


#5 More emphasis on our brand

More emphasis on our brand


We also did some minor changes in the looks of the second generation Hekkpipe Hexagons. Now, they all feature a cool Hekkpipe engraving instead of the old Hexagon ones. This helps us to increase brand knowledge and step a bit closer to our dream that every hookah fan in the world knows Hekkpipe.


So, check out the new second generation Hekkpipe Hexagon and place your order today!

Don’t forget to post memories of your quality time with Hekkpipe to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.

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