Why hookah cleaning matters and how to do it the proper way?
Hookah cleaning matters and how to do it the proper way

As a hookah owner you already know that the fundamentals of a great hookah experience is a well-prepared and clean hookah. Taking care of your hookah in between the sessions helps the hookah live longer and make it taste fresh thus giving you an excellent hookah experience. But here’s the fun fact – Hekkpipe is far more easier to clean than a traditional hookah. Read the rest of the article to find out why hookah cleaning matters and how to do it the proper way.


Why hookah cleaning matters? The Hekkpipe example

We all like to enjoy a clean hookah with a fresh taste which gives us thick smoke. But how on earth to achieve it? The answer is as simple as it sounds – clean it! Cleaning Hekkpipe in a nutshell means that you get a healthier hookah experience each time while keeping it hygenic the same time.

Cleaning hookah is easy as counting to three. You only have a few things to take care of – the hose, the bottle, the bowl, the hookah tongs, the wooden box and last but not least – the stem. Doing it for the first time might seem complicated, but it’s really not! After a few times you’ve acquired the necessary skills to keep your Hekkpipe clean and fresh.

Taking the Hekkpipe apart, cleaning every single detail and putting it back together takes about three minutes – no tricks here!

Here are at least four reasons why Hekkpipe is easier to clean than a traditional hookah:

  • no small details that could break
  • the tobacco won’t filter into the bottle, thus the water won’t turn brown nor sticky
  • Hekkpipe is built to be portable. Every detail has been designed to be as light and comfortable as possible
  • we’ve chosen materials that are both easy to clean and hygenic. For example – the dirt won’t apply on the stem and you can easily reach every corner of your Hekkpipe while cleaning it


How often should you clean your Hekkpipe?

Well, the best answer to the question how often should you clean your Hekkpipe would be as often as needed. But this is no use, isn’t it? We recommend cleaning hookah right after using it. Every. Single. Time. Some differences apply to how often should you do it. Here’s how:

  • the tobacco bowls – clean it after each session before refilling it with tobacco or molasses
  • the rest of the stuff – the hose, the bottle, the stem etc – clean it once after your hangout.

You might fancy going for a good night sleep after a great hookah party and clean your Hekkpipe in the morning, but please don’t – take those three minutes and invest them in your next session. Your friends and your body will thank you for that. This is what hookah cleaning is all about.


How to clean your hookah?

Here are our pro tips for cleaning hookah. You can choose your preferable order yourself, but here’s how we usually do this!

#1 The hose and the tip or mouthpiece

How to clean your hookah hose

  • Rinse some warm or hot (but not boiling) water through the hose after your hookah session for about 20 seconds. If you wish, you can put some soap or even dishwashing liquid into it, as long as you don’t forget to rinse it through very thoroughly.
  • Blow into the hose to get rid of the excess water
  • Keep in mind to leave the hose hanging so that the water left in the hose can drop out – otherwise the humidity will stay in the hose and influence your next session.

Don’t forget to clean the hose tip even if you use mouthpieces!


#2 The tobacco bowl

Cleaning you hookah vortex bowl under water

If you’re running on a single bowl, clean the bowl after every session. If you’re lucky enough to own an additional tobacco bowl (see why we recommend having at least two bowls here), you might even get away with a single cleaning after your hangout.

First, remove most of the burnt tobacco. Then, clean the bowl with some paper towels. Last, wash it throughly with hot water – use kitchen sponge to get rid of all the burnt tobacco or molasses.

But hey, be careful with the bowl – this is the only thing in your Hekkpipe that is sensitive to rapid temperature changes! Don’t put it directly in cold water – the material used for glaze might at some point brake.

Cleaning hookah bowl - use soft paper not sharp or metal objects

Looking for some more pro tips? Here are four tips for you on the go!

  • If you use paper to dry it, note that the paper doesn’t stick to the bowl. Otherwise it’ll start to burn during your next session and leave an unpleasant taste on your Hekkpipe.
  • Don’t burn your fingers – the bowl is hot after the session. Use the hookah tongs or towel to take the bowl off the bottle.
  • Don’t use sharp objects when cleaning the bowl – you might damage it.
  • Don’t forget the bowl grommet – remove it before before cleaning. You can wash it with the other stuff, but if you overlook it, you may lose it. 🙂


#3 The bottle and the hookah stem

Cleaning hookah stem is easy - wash it under the water nor use dish washing liquidAll you need to do is rinse some warm or hot water through the bottle and the stem – both inside and outside. There might be some ash on the bottle if you’ve moved the coal position the easy way. Yep, that’s all. 🙂


#4 The hookah wooden box

Throw out ash and wash waterproof hookah wooden box under tap water

This is what makes the Hekkpipe really stand out of the crowd. To take care of the Hekkpipe’s wooden box, simply tilt the box or wipe the fallen ash away after each session. Pay extra attention to the bottom of the box – this is where the ash tends to hide itself.

But there’s no need to wash the box, but if you need to, you can – the box can handle water with ease. In normal conditions simply use a moist towel and that’s it. Hookah cleaning has never been so easy, hasn’t it?


#5 The hookah tongs

Admit it, those magic little fellows do the hardest work for your great hookah session. So, give them some love, too. Wipe away everything that’s left – the tobacco or the ash. And pack them to wait for the next session.

As you see, taking care of and cleaning your Hekkpipe is a piece of cake. No need to hassle with adapters or other small details – only deal with the most important things.


Do you know any other tips for cleaning your Hekkpipe or for hookah cleaning overall? Let us know! Don’t forget to post photos and videos of your Hekkpipe sessions to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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