5 things to do in summer with your hookah

5 things to do in the summer with your hookah

The summer is here to stay (well, or as long as autumn takes the turn). We all sure have made plans for the upcoming weeks including sunbathing, swimming etc. But have you included your hookah in your plans? Here are our recommendations for TOP 5 things to do in summer with your hookah!


#5 Barbeque and listen to good music – one of the top things to do in summer

Barbeque and listen to good music - one of the top things to do in summer

Photo: @iamvitalibrenner

Just like Calvin Harris sang in his billboard-reaching hit “Summer” – we could be together baby as long as skies are blue – be sure to take the maximum of this year’s season! One thing to try, if you already haven’t, is barbeque!

Barbeque and summer are the two things that almost always come together. Add hookah and good music to the formula and you get a briliant triangle that compares to nothing. Gather your friends, get some good quality pork or chicken and don’t forget your Hekkpipe.

Hookahing is great activity when waiting for the barbeque to finish. Or, after you’ve finished eating, a great “dessert”. Be sure to read our tips on top hookah food to enjoy with hookah on our blog.


#4 Go for a hike

Go for a hikeIf you eager to get out the town, consider hiking. Hiking isn’t always climbing the Mount Everest – instead, you could go for a daytrip in a nearby bog or forest. Estonia – where the Hekkpipe HQ is located – is very rich of bogs, by the way.

Pack your backpack, take some hiking essentials with you and leave a little room for your hookah. Instead of a traditional hookah, take the Hekkpipe with you! Due to its smart and compact design, Hekkpipe is fully portable and ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next.


#3 Organize a picnic

Organize a picnicWhen was the last time you went on a picnic? If the weather forecast is optimistic, why not consider it. And, well, if it’s not, ensure your wellbeing with a raincoat in your backpack.

Picnic is a good opportunity to get out of the daily routine and enjoy a good company. Cut the fruit and veggies and pack them in a lunchbox to be as portable as your Hekkpipe. Also, keep in mind that your body gets some hydration, too, while eating fruits during hookah sessions. And staying hydrated is very crucial when smoking tobaccos with nicotine. Strawberries just like watermelon consists of 92% water, for example.


#2 Go for a boat ride


Photo: @mroosimaa

If you’re looking for a bit more extreme activities, go for a boat ride. We’re pretty sure there’s a boat rent possibility near you, if you Google it hard enough.

Boat ride is far more memorable when you decide to take your hookah with you there. Enjoying your hookah inbetween forests and on the water is a feeling you’ll never experience anywhere else. Just remember not to leave any important gear behind you after you’ve finished. 🙂


#1 Hookah and video games or chess

Hookah and video games or chess

Photo: www.time.com

Last but not least – if you’ve had enough of fresh air and you’re looking for things to do in summer while staying inside, there are options for you as well. Rent or find an old Nintento or any other video game, gather your friends and enjoy some nostalgic memories playing Super Mario or Pac Man.

Or, choose chess instead. A great challenging game that develops your strategic thinking, too. Smoke your hookah before, while or after the game evening and we’ll guarantee a pleasant time.


So, there are activities for all of you – choose at least one to try out this summer.  Let us know which one you liked the most and post a memory of iit to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.  

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