Top hookah food to enjoy at picnic
Hookah food to enjoy at picnic

Summer is in our souls and bodies, we’re sure. Let’s say you’re planning a hookah session in the nearby park with your friends. Everything’s almost set with your picnic towel packed, but hey – what to offer your guests and crab along to accompany you during that? Let us give you a helping hand. Here are our top “hookah food” recommendations to enjoy at a hookah picnic.


Finger food

finger food and barbeque are good option while doing hookah

Photo: @edvinlaani

When it comes to hookah hangouts we try to keep in mind that you’re not alone in it. That means, you have to (or at least should) consider the others. Therefore, try to avoid offering and eating sticky and greasy food like burgers, fries or any other fried dishes. 

Eating fried food leaves the hose all greasy and sticky, thus decreasing the enjoyment your friends get from hookah. Instead, prefer lighter finger food like sushi or some organic carrot or cabbage chips, for example.

If the barbeque is a must, gather around the hookah while the meat is on the grill. Or, after you’ve finished eating. 🙂

Nuts in all kinds of different shapes are also a good idea to consider as a hookah food. Don’t worry about nuts containing too much fat – those are the so-called good fats that won’t make you overweight, we promise.


Fruits – the best hookah food

Fruits and hookah


Also, keep in mind that fruits are your friend. As they say:”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Fruits taste good and, as the tobaccos are usually fruit-flavoured, accompany your tobacco well. As a bonus, eating fruits while smoking hookah your body gets some hydration, too. Staying hydrated, by the way, is essential during hookah session when smoking tobaccos with nicotine. We’ll cover that later on.

Did you know that watermelon – probably the best hookah food – contains about 92% of water?


Consider being portable

Consider having portable hookah to enjoy your summer picnic

Photo: @merksuke

You might already know that Hekkpipe is a ultra portable hookah that can accompany you whenever and wherever. When going to a picnic, think portable, too! That means, try not to take food that needs to be cut, mixed, boiled or anything like that.

What you can do instead is simply cut the fruits or veggies, mix the dip and pack the nuts in lunchbox. This helps you enjoy your picnic without interruptions. And also, think green – don’t litter and clean up the picnic place after you’re done.


Stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat

stay hydrated while doing shisha


As we already talked about in one of our previous blog posts, it’s essential to stay hydrated when smoking tobaccos with nicotine. It’s similar to doing sports – drink before, while and after your session.

When you prefer nicotin-free tobaccos or molasses, you shouldn’t forget drinking either. Drinking enough water, tea or any other beverages helps to bring the best out of your tobacco. Have you tried green tea (or green ice tea in summer) during your session? If not, you most definitely should.


What are your top hookah foods to enjoy at a picnic? Let us know or post it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.  




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