Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving


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Adding a personalized engraving is an excellent way to show what you care for and stand out in every catering where you take your Hekkpipe with you! Let your hookah carry a word/sentence or even a logo that resonates with you.

Occasions where custom engraving is the perfect choice:
  • you want a unique, one of a kind Hekkpipe
  • surprise your friend on his/her birthday by adding an engraved quote or a poem
  • cherish your business partners by giving them a Hekkpipe with a logo and greetings
Ordering info
  • Add the personal engraving to the cart.
  • Choose a product on what you wish to engrave. It is possible to engrave on the hookah box and wooden part of hoses.
  • Write what you want to engrave and add a link or an attachment with your idea on the checkout page.
  • Please send all the bigger pictures than 1 MB to
  • By default, we engrave on the hookah side, where the hose is. If you wish to engrave on other sides or the front side, please let us know. For Deluxe, it is only possible to engrave it to the backside.
  • We will send you a confirmation sketch to make sure the engraving will be just as you want it to be.

More information about customization options.


Important info:

  • From e-shop, we sell products only to business customers (for gifts, for resale, bars, lounges, etc).
  • For everybody our products are available at Tondi 17b, Tallinn.
  • Become our reseller and check our reseller's network on the contact page:

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