Hookah Hekkpipe Deluxe


189,00 (including VAT)

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Deluxe is the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak, which makes it an exclusive portable hookah in the world. Hekkpipe Deluxe is our sleekest family member. This elegant hookah packs a great deal of craftsmanship featuring a quality oak wood case and elegant leather elements, including a removable hand strap.

Key features:
  • Light-weight (1kg, with all accessories 1.5 kg) and really compact.
  • Has a hand strap, so walk around while enjoying shisha.
  • It takes half the time to set up compared to your average hookah.
  • Super easy to use. It features a special compartment that separates coals and tobacco.
  • You can tilt it 45 degrees during the session and nothing happens, except the coal can be securely moved, and the tobacco won’t get burnt.
User manual

Hookah user manual for Hekkpipe Deluxe 2022

Personal engraving

Surprise your friend or dearest – add personal engraving for your hookah. You can add everything you want – a logo,  a slogan or a text. Real-life examples, ideas and more information regarding ordering can be found from custom engraving and customization options.

Important info:

  • From e-shop, we sell products only to business customers (for gifts, for resale, bars, lounges, etc).
  • For everybody our products are available at Tondi 17b, Tallinn.
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