Wooden hookahs on the market in 2018 | Comparison of 12 best wood hookahs
Wooden hookahs on the market in 2018 - Comparison of 12 best wood hookahs

Wooden hookahs are getting popular each year as wood stuff has been shifting the market in the last years. Wooden watches, sunglasses, smartphone cases – you name it and probably it’s available on the internet. But one product that really stands out from the rest is wood hookah. 

In this article we bring out all 13 wooden hookahs available on the market in April 2018. This is the most comprehensive comparison of wooden hookahs ever existed! First, we introduce all contestants briefly. Then, we compare them and choose the winner. So be sure to read it to the very end!

Do you know any other wooden hookahs? Let us know and we’ll cover that in our future posts.


Overview of the wooden hookah market

To begin with – what is a wooden hookah all in all? We defined that as a hookah which box or body is made of wood. Usually, the inside is made of aluminium or stainless steel. 

Wooden hookahs tend to be more durable than the ordinary ones. Durability in this context means that they don’t break so easily. Therefore, wooden hookahs are a long-term investment. Usually, wooden hookahs are made of high-quality materials and come with top-notch finishing, mainly because in most cases they are handmade.

And boy did we did research for this post! We found 12 different wooden hookah models plus some traditional wooden hookahs. Here they are:

  1. Regal Queen, Regal Prince and Regal King
  2. Wookah Wood Mozaik
  3. Wookah Classic
  4. Hekkpipe Active
  5. Hekkpipe Hexagon
  6. Hekkpipe Deluxe
  7. Insahar 1.3
  8. Insahar Mini Boy
  9. Insahar 2.0
  10. Insahar 2.0 Gold Edition
  11. Insahar 3.0
  12. Woogl
  13. Traditional wooden hookahs


Regal Queen, Regal Prince and Regal King

Regal hookah

Regal hookah

First, there is a brand named Regal hookah. Their hookahs look like traditional hookahs we’re all familiar with, but they are made of maple wood. All standard pipes come in three lustrous stains that embody three different personalities. Each stain reveals the unique grain of the wood, making every pipe one of a kind.

Regal hookah offers three models. The Queen is what the brand itself calls the compromise and is the most popular choice for customers. The Prince is the shortest with a low center of gravity making it nice and stable. And last but not least, the King is their tallest model. Very stately, indeed!

Full disclaimer: Regal Hookahs produce only the stem, so you’d have to combine different parts together. 


Wookah Wood Mozaik

Wookah Wood Mozaik exotic wood hookah - each model different

Second, there is Wookah Wood Mozaik that connects high-quality material with an exceptional design. The body is made of solid mix wood and the metal parts of stainless steel. All nice and sleek!

Although this too looks like a traditional hookah at first glance, it isn’t. Just look at it – the chessboard-looking body looks really magnificent! The wooden base is waterproof and smoke resistant from the inside which protects the wood. 


Wookah Classic

Wookah Classic- exotic wood hookah

Third choice – Wookah Classic is available in 8 different kinds! All you need to do is choose your favorite. The feature that Wookah Classic advertises itself is it special stainless steel inner tubing system which fully protects the wooden body from water and smoke – just like Wookah Wood Mozaik does. The metal parts are made of stainless steel – those two combined make it a nice little fellow, don’t they?

This is a very high-quality hookah. You can choose oak, iroko, walnut, teak, meranti, merbau, padouk or wenge finishing.


Hekkpipe Active

The best wooden hookah on the market with mulitple custom design options Hekkpipe Active

Then there is Hekkpipe – our very own brand. We offer three very different models, that’s why we cover them all separately. Hekkpipe Active is a highly portable hookah that’s built to last. The main slogan is that it’s specially designed to stay safe and functional even when knocked around. We guarantee that the smoke is still perfect even if you tilt the hookah up to 45 degrees.

This model features a stainless steel cone that locks in the burning coal atop the tobacco bowl making it easily transportable. The ease-of-use and robust design have made it our bestseller.

Hekkpipe Active offers you the opportunity to add your own custom engraving, too.


Hekkpipe Hexagon

Design wood hookah - the best wooden hookah is Hekkpipe Hexagon

The second member of Hekkpipe family – Hekkpipe Hexagon is a light-weight (0,6 kg), compact and eye-catching portable hookah. This innovative hookah is super-easy to use and takes half the time to set up compared to an average hookah.

Hexagon features a special compartment for the burning coal which reduces the need to use of tinfoil. The compartment is held in place by strong magnets that make it easy to access the tobacco in the bowl for adding the tobacco of moving the coal. This enables you to conveniently add or stir the tobacco in the bowl during your session without having to touch the coals.

This model, too, offers the opportunity to add a custom engraving.


Hekkpipe Deluxe

Wooden hookah premium product Hekkpipe Deluxe

The third and the last member of Hekkpipe family is the Hekkpipe Deluxe. Deluxe is the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak which makes it the most exclusive portable hookah in the world.

Hekkpipe Deluxe is the sleekest family member. This elegant hookah packs a great deal of craftmanship featuring a quality oak wood case and fine leather elements including a removable hand strap. It’s outstanding character gives you the ability to be a people magnet at every social gathering while maintaining the same level of safeness, ease-of-use and customizability Hekkpipes are known for.

The safety is provided by the stainless steel cone, which locks over the hot coal and keeps it in place even when the hookah gets knocked over. Hekkpipe Deluxe is the ideal choice for indoor use and it’s a nice decorative item in your household, too.

As the previous Hekkpipe models, you can add a custom engraving to your Deluxe model as well. 


insahAR 1.3

Insahar 1.3 with light wood small nice hookahThen, there is insahAR – a brand offering four and a half different wooden water pipes. Their first model insahAR 1.3 comes in three different finishings – maple, alder and ash.

The insahAR 1.3 model features a metal body that is both easy to assemble and disassemble again. This makes the waterpipe convenient for transporting and makes cleaning comfortable. What really stands out is the insahAR hose – it’s a masterpiece on its own. It really is!

Just like Hekkpipe, insahAR also offers custom design to make your interior match your waterpipe. For example, you can design your own logo to be engraved on your hookah!


insahAR Mini Boy

insahar mini boy - small quality hookahThe second product from insahAR – the Mini Boy carries its name for a reason. Its height – only 29 cm – makes it nice and stable. The inside of the wooden vase is covered in a silicone layer which perfectly isolates the wood from the water. On the other hand, the metal coil for the connection between the head and the body of the pipe is seated in the opening of the wooden part – nice, isn’t it?

Just like the 1.3 model, the Mini Boy also comes in three finishings – maple, alder or ash. Also, you can add a custom design to your insahAR Mini Boy.


insahAR 2.0

Hookah insahAR 2.0 light wood maple with dark wood optionIf you’re looking for a something bit larger than the Mini Boy, meet insahAR 2.0! The creators have gone the extra mile in combining the design and portability. The result – a hookah that looks something similar like our Hekkpipe Active or Deluxe does – seems intriguing.

The insahAR 2.0 model comes in three different colors – light, semi-dark or dark wood. A feature we really like is the opportunity to attach two hoses to the hookah. However, the session time decreases twice as well if smoking with two hoses.


insahAR 2.0 Special Edition

insahar 2.0 special edition wooden hookahBut what if the insahAR 2.0 isn’t glamorous enough? No worries, mate – there is a deluxe version of this, too. insahAR 2.0 Black or Gold Special edition is a true state of art. The main difference between the standard version and the Special edition is that all metal parts are anodized in gold color.

The features, however, remain the same – the only main difference is the looks. But sure, this is something to consider when choosing a hookah, isn’t it?


insahAR 3.0 Radio

insahar 3.0 radio box hookah is very stable and made from plexiglassAnd here’s the fourth model from insahAR wooden water pipes, the insahAR 3.0 Radio. This retro-looking hookah is the newest model from insahAR. What makes it special – leaving the looks aside – is that the inside of the wooden vase is a glass and plexiglass combination. It’s the first insahAR where you can actually see the water inside the vase.

The body is, as always, milling and turning from solid metal, making it extremely durable and virtually unbreakable.



wooglLast but not least – Woogl. This brand has grown out from insahAR – at close look you can spot the similarities. Anyhow, this is one of the most beautiful hookahs we’ve ever seen. The bottle, although it may not look like a bottle at all, contains as much as 1 liter of water. It also features an inner stainless spring that ensures the hose won’t break at the waterpipe’s output.

As the website points out, Woogl is made with real love and from real wood. The weight reveals they don’t lie – Woogl weighs 1,9 kg even though it is only 28 cm wide. Yes, this is actually the first time we point out the width of a hookah instead of height. 🙂


Traditional wooden hookahs

Traditional wooden hookahAnd then, there are various no-name wooden hookahs like this one – actually traditional hookahs with a wooden stem. Truth be told, we won’t focus on them later on, but for the sake of this review – feel free to find your favorite.


Comparison of 12 wooden hookahs

We took 7 features under investigation. If you think there are any other features we need to look into, feel free to let us know – write us at shop@hekkpipe.com. Those 7 features are:

  • safety
  • portability
  • materials used
  • color options
  • custmizing options
  • price
  • can you actually buy it?



Wooden hookah comparison in terms of safetyAs all hookahs deal with burning coals, safety is one of the most important features to look for when choosing a hookah. Mostly, hookahs are used indoors. So, it’s important to choose a hookah that will not burn holes in your carpet if it happens to fall down.

We found out that the safest wooden hookahs are:

  • Woogl – due to its width and weight
  • insahAR 3.0 Radio – due to its shape and size
  • Hekkpipe Active and Deluxe – due to their metal cone that locks the burning coal inside


Partly safe hookahs:

  • Hekkpipe Hexagon – could be more stable or heavier
  • insahAR Mini Boy – nice and stable, but coal is not protected
  • insahAR 2.0 and its Special Edition – stable due to their weight, but coal is not protected


Not safe hookahs:

  • Regal hookahs – very unstable, coal is not protected + features many easily breakable parts
  • Wookah Wood Mozaik – stable, although coal is not protected
  • Wookah Classic – stable, although coal is not protected
  • insahAR 1.3 – stable, although coal is not protected



Reviewing wooden hookahs portability option for picnic and outdoor activities.More and more people are on the go which means they want their belongings on the go, too. Whether it’s a weekend hike or a picnic in a nearby park – quality hookah sessions definitely belongs there. So, on that note, we looked at those 12 hookahs and asked – are they portable? 

Fully portable hookahs:

  • Hekkpipe Active and Hekkpipe Deluxe – they are the world’s only truly portable hookahs thanks to their shoulder strap. Lightweight (1 kg) and durable, plus the coal is protected even when tilting up to 45 degrees.


Partly portable:

  • Hekkpipe Hexagon – it doesn’t feature a shoulder strap, so you can’t take it *anywhere* with you. Meanwhile it weighs only 0,6 kgs and is very compact  ideal choice for picnic, but not for walking
  • insahAR Mini Boy – small and stable, but heavy due to stainless steel used


Not portable:

  • insahAR 2.0 and its Special Edition – although they look portable, they aren’t portable. Mainly because the burning coal is not protected. Also, they are quite heavy weighing 5,5 kgs.
  • Wookah Classic – tall and unsteady, suitable for indoor conditions because it requires quite stable ground for using
  • insahAR 1.3 – tall and unsteady, suitable for indoor conditions
  • Regal Hookahs – see the previous point
  • Wookah Wood Mozaik – yeap, still tall and unsteady and suitable for indoor conditions
  • insahAR 3.0 Radio – small and stable, but can you imagine smoking it while walking? Ideal for indoor conditions.
  • Woogl – even though it might be in some cases portable, it’s so only partially due to its 1.9 kg weight and the fact that you can’t hold it in one hand.



Wooden hookah material qualityIn terms of wooden hookahs, well, the most essential feature has to be that it’s at least partly made of wood. All those 12 hookahs in the comparison qualified nicely because they all use high quality durable materials. All hookahs are handmade and feature top-notch finishing.

So, in terms of materials used, all hookahs are winners.

Hookahs using quality wood plus stainless steel:

  • Hekkpipe Active and Hekkpipe Hexagon – plywood
  • insahAR 2.0 and its Special Edition
  • insahAR 1.3
  • insahAR Mini Boy
  • Wookah Wood Mozaik – different wood is used


Hookahs using wood and glass:

  • Regal hookahs – pine, nutwood and redwood is used, but the bottom bowl is made from glass
  • Woogl – comes in combination with glass
  • insahAR 3.0 Radio – plexiglass is used


Hookahs using exotic wood or leather:

  • Wookah Classic – oak, merenati, iroko, walnut, padauk, teak and wenge is used
  • Hekkpipe Deluxe – oak and leather


Color options

Wood hookah comparison color optionsNext, we look at color options. Sure, all 12 models are made of wood and the essence of wood is that it’s…wood. But many companies offer color options – whether the option is given with a range of wood types or by somehow painting them. The more options the better, we believe.

Hookahs offering various color options:

  • Wookah Classic – 8 color options
  • Hekkpipe Hexagon – 8 color options
  • Hekkpipe Active – 7 color options


Hookahs offering some color options:

  • Hekkpipe Deluxe – only two color options
  • insahAR 2.0 – only two color options


Hookahs with no color options:

  • Regal Hookahs – no options per se, but you can combine your own materials
  • insahAR 2.0 Special Edition – you have to pay extra for Special Edition
  • Wookah Wood Mozaik – no options per se, but you can combine your own materials
  • insahAR 1.3
  • insahAR Mini Boy
  • Woogl – no color options, but Woogl comes with a LED light you can change according to your mood
  • insahAR 3.0


Can you make it a custom hookah?

Wooden hookah comparison are they custom hookahsAnd of course – besides color options customers are more and more looking for a way to customize their hookah. Making your own custom hooka means adding a personalized engraving, but it’s the size and possibilities of this feature that matter.

Fully customizable hookahs:

  • Hekkpipe Active and Hekkpipe Hexagon – offer engraving possibilities. Each cover side can be of different color, if you wish
  • insahAR Mini Boy, insahAR 1.3, insahAR 2.0 and its Special Edition and insahAR 3.0 Radio – they all offer engraving possibilities plus the opportunity to add custom wooden stickers to all their hookah models


Partly customizable hookahs:

  • Regal Hookahs – you can combine different glass bases, vortex bowls and hoses
  • Hekkpipe Deluxe – engraving possibilities


Hookahs that are not customizable:

  • Wookah Wood Mozaik
  • Wookah Classic
  • Woogl



Hookah price comparison - the best 12 wood hookahs

Sure, safety, materials used and all those endless customising opportunities are great. But all in all, it all comes back to price. We look at how much the hookahs cost in total. That means – hookah with additional accessories (if necessary) and with shipping included.

Prices are based on the cheapest options we could find on the internet. The prices may change from time to time, so be sure to check out the product’s website for detail information.

Affordable hookahs (price range 89 € to 135 €):

  • Hekkpipe Active – the cheapest wooden hookah on the market costing only 89 € plus international shipping 35 €. All accessories included.
  • Hekkpipe Hexagon – 109 € plus 35 € for international shipping. All accessories included.
  • insahAR 1.3 – from 125 € to 195 € depending on the country you are located. Free shipping included
  • insahAR Mini Boy – from 135 € to 195 € depending on the country you are located. Free shipping included


Hookahs with a price that depends on the buyer (price range 149 € to 297 €):

  • Hekkpipe Deluxe – this top-notch hookah costs 149 € plus 35 € for international shipping. All accessories included.
  • Regal Hookahs – 218 € plus 35 € for international shipping
  • insahAR 3.0 Radio – 265 €, international shipping included
  • insahAR 2.0 – from 297 € to 369 €, depending on the country you are located, international shipping included


Expensive hookahs (price range 361 € to 535 €):

  • Wookah Classic – the price of the hookah depends on the material chosen but is between 361 € and 475 € plus 135 € for additional accessories (mouthpeice, leather hose, bowl) and 33 € for international shipping
  • Woogl –  522 €, international shipping included
  • insahAR 2.0 Special Edition – 525 €, international shipping is included
  • Wookah Wood Mozaik – 535 € plus 150 € for additional accessories and 33 € for international shipping


Can you buy a wooden hookah?

Wooden hookah comparison - can you buy hookah online

And last but not least – we looked at whether you can actually buy those hookahs online in April 2018.

Hookahs you can actually buy:


Hookahs you can’t buy, we’re sorry:

  • insahAR Mini Boy, insahAR 1.3, insahAR 2.0 and its Special Edition and insahAR 3.0 Radio – the brand is for sale. So, if you are lucky, you might find some websites selling those models from stock, but overall – no.


The winner?

So, this was our comparison of 12 wooden hookahs on the market in April 2018. While each hookah has its target group and each hookah has its pros and cons, we chose our TOP 3 favorite ones.

Woogl Nubes wooden hookah is with modern and unique designWe voted Woogl as the winner! Although the price is high and it misses options for customization, we still love it. Just look at this beauty!

The second and third place went to Hekkpipe Active and Hekkpipe Deluxe. They are the cheapest wooden hookahs on the market. Plus, they feature many color options, are made of durable materials and besides all that – fully customizable!


Which ones do you like the most? Do you know any other wooden hookahs we haven’t covered? Feel free to let us know and we’ll discuss them in our future posts.

And of course, don’t forget to post memories of your hookah moments to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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