Travel hookah | Van Life and Hekkpipe – match made in heaven
Travel hookah - Van Life and Hekkpipe – match made in heaven

Travel hookah – and that’s what Hekkpipe is – a perfect addition to your Van Life gear. Who would have thought that in 2018 more and more people decide to live in a van – literally? But this is exactly the case now. We introduce you Van Life lifestyle and how travel hookah can play its role there.

Van Life – what the HEKK is it?

van life - what is it

Photo: @lifeisaview

The term “Van Life” means a whole different lifestyle than we’re used to. It’s much more than just driving a van – it’s a shift in the way people think and a movement that’s gaining popularity within our generation. Vanlifers seek minimalism on a journey to find out what’s truly important and necessary for a happy life. Freedom, cost-effectiveness and simplicity are what you can gain living a Van Life.


What are Van Life essentials?

van life essentials hookah on the road

Photo: @bulliundclyde

If you decide to try out Van Life, there are a number of essentials you should get before starting your journey. If you’re somebody who loves hiking, you probably have something from that list. Here’s a short summary of Van Life essentials:

  • Stuff for cooking
    To live, you need to eat – even if you’re a vanlifer. However, a vanlifer has to prepare his/her meals on its own. So, be sure to get yourself a gas stove, multi-pot set and a cool box. Those three things should get you started.
  • Stuff for eating
    Another important part of being a vanlifer is having some additional stuff for eating – like a foldable table and some chairs that are easy to set up and take little room. A water canister is a good choice as well – this way you have clean drinking water available at all times.
  • Stuff for washing yourself
    Even though freedom and being on the road is what Van Life is famous for, you’d still need to wash yourself, don’t you? 🙂 So, get yourself an outdoor shower and some eco-friendly shower products for your unforgettable journey.
  • Stuff for entertainment
    And then, sure, you’d need some things for your spare time – a radio or bluetooth speakers are always a good consideration. Add a picnic blanket in your gear and you’re all set.
  • Travel hookah
    And last but not least – get yourself a portable hookah for your lonely evenings. We believe Hekkpipe is the best travel hookah option for a vanlifer and there are quite a few reasons for that. Read on to find out more!

You can read more about Van Life essentials from Travels of a Bookpacker or The Vanual.


Hekkpipe and Van Life – why is Hekkpipe the best travel hookah?

hookah at sunset - Hekkpipe is good everywhere you go

Photo: @lifeisaview

As said before, a portable hookah should be a must-have vanlife gear. We believe all Hekkpipe models – Active, Hexagon and Deluxe – are perfectly suitable for vanlifers for four reasons.

  • Hekkpipe is a durable hookah
    Vanlifers move a lot and for this very reason they need a durable friend to accompany them. Hekkpipe is made from durable plywood. And wood is more durable than glass, isn’t it? Consider Hekkpipe Active, for example – the ease-of-use and robust design have made it our bestseller.
  • Hekkpipe is a compact and light hookah
    Storage is extremely limited when living in a van. Therefore, you need a very compact hookah. This is exactly where Hekkpipe can help you out – for example, Hekkpipe Hexagon weighs 0,6 kg only.
  • Hekkpipe is an eye-catching hookah
    You sure meet some new people along the way. Hekkpipe is here to help you find new friends. For example, Hekkpipe Deluxe is the only hookah to feature leather and mighty oak – its outstanding character gives you the ability to be a people magnet everywhere.
travel hookah - vanlife best choice

Photo: @lifeisaview

Currently, we have two major fans in the Van Life community – Bulli und Clyde from Germany and an Estonian vanlife family. Be sure to check out their adventures!


Clyde is a young man who has been exploring the world with Bulli – the nickname for Volkswagen Transporter – and taking care of the machine. Clyde’s desire is to travel, dance and free hugs. What’s yours?

bulli und clyde - van life hookah to go

Photo: @bulliundclyde

Lifeisaview – also known as Eero (28), Aleksander (4) and Mari-Anne (27) – is a three-membered family from Pärnu, a town in Estonia. They decided to give their heart to vanlife in autumn 2017. Now, they’ve been on the road for about 8 months and visited tens of countries since. See their vanlife video channel on YouTube!

PS. lifeisaview just launched their crowdfunding campaign on Hooandja. So, you have the chance to support the making of vanlife documentary. More information on Hooandja’s website (in Estonian).

lifeisaview fan gear

Photo: @lifeisaview

That’s all for this week. Did we convince you that Hekkpipe is the best choice for vanlifers?

Be sure to post memories of your quality time with Hekkpipe to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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