Top 5 hookah tobacco combinations for Valentine’s Day
Hookah tobacco combinations for Valentine’s Day

Are you a latte-lover or do you prefer Moijoto instead? Did you know you can combine your favorite flavors to get a stunning hookah experience? Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door – use this opportunity to organize a hookah hangout and try out these top 5 hookah tobacco combinations from Hekkpipe!

Full disclaimer: you can replace the classic tobacco with steam stones or nicotine-free molasses, if necessary.


#5 Caramel and cappuccino

tobacco combination - Caramel and cappuccino

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu

Are you a cafe latte lover? If so, then caramel and cappuccino flavored tobacco might just do the trick.

We’ve tried cappuccino without caramel and we admit that it’s a good change to those classic flavors. However, there was something missing. Meet – caramel! Use this hookah tobacco combination to experience a smooth taste of warm winter latte. Maybe you should even have a sip of cappuccino or latte?


#4 Raspberry and lemon (mint)

raspberry and lemon flavored tobacco

Photo by Ashim D’Silva

Have you ever tried lemon-flavored tobacco? What about lemon mint?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of those two, you’ve probably experienced that…well… This is not the best choice, haven’t you? But here’s a solution what to do with all your lemon-flavored tobacco – mix it with rasperry one!

A mix with 1/2 of both should do the trick, but you can reduce the lemon part if you prefer. After all, it’s all a matter of taste.


#3 Coconut and pineapple

Coconut and pineapple shisha combination

Photo by Alison Marras


You know Pina Colada, right? If this belongs to your favourite cocktail list, you should definitely try out coconut-flavored tobacco mixed with some pineapple-flavored tobacco!

And if you’re not a big fan of Pina Colada? Well, give coconut and pineapple a chance, please! Once you’ve tried it you cannot quit.

Did you know that drinking before, during and after your hookah session is absolutely essential? Read our tips on best drinks to enjoy with hookah here


#2 Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola flavour

Photo by Talles Alves

One thing that we here in Estonia – where Hekkpipe HQ is located – miss is Cherry Cola. But we have a backup option – cherry-flavored tobacco mixed with cola-flavored tobacco.

We know some people are kind of afraid of cola-flavored tobacco and truth be told smoking *only* cola-flavored tobacco isn’t really our cup of tea, neither. However, if you mix cola with something – like cherry-flavored tobacco – it really works out well enough to be mentioned in our blog. And well, it kind of tastes like rum and cola.


#1 Fruit-flavored tobacco with mint – the safest, yet one of the best hookah tobacco combinations

Fruit-flavored tobacco with mint - the best hookah tobacco combination

Photo by Element5 Digital

Fruit and mint – this is the classic way to go if you’re looking for a hookah tobacco combination that works 9 times out of 10!

Fruit-flavored tobaccos tend to be too sweet on their own, but add some mint and voila! – we’ve got a winner! It’s hard to bring out the best combination here, so you’d just have to try on your own. Maybe start with blueberry mint or apple mind, if you wish?

Sure, strawberries might be a good choise for Valentine’s Day as well. 😉


So, be sure to try out those five hookah tobacco combinations for Valentine’s Day and let us know how you liked them. Share your memories with us on Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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