Here are the top 5 hookah Christmas gift ideas from Hekkpipe
Hookah Christmas gift ideas

Ho-ho-ho! Taking a peek in the calendar reveals – it’s the right time to choose your Christmas gifts for your beloved ones. We spoke to Santa this morning and put together the top 5 hookah Christmas gift ideas for this year – take a look!


#5 Additional hookah bowl

Additional hookah bowl

If you’re looking for a hookah Christmas gift idea for under 15 euros, choose the Hekkpipe’s original tobacco bowl. This is a perfect gift for a true hookah fan – having an additional tobacco bowl in ones Hekkpipe gear is definitely an useful investment for many reasons:

  • the hookah gear lasts longer – should you happen to drop one of your bowls and you are unfortunate to brake it, just take the spare one and the hangout continues
  • you can enjoy your session longer – an additional bowl enables you to prepare two bowls at the same time. If one burns out, simply switch the bowls, ignite the new coal if necessary and let the hangout continue!
  • it keeps your hands clean – preparing two bowls at the same time, you only have to wash your hands once.

See our blog post on why an additional bowl is useful during hookah session.


#4 Hekkpipe’s hookah stem

shisha stem

If your budget is slightly bigger, why not surprise your friends or family with a new hookah pipe stem. If your friends hookah is older than two or three months, it features the old stem – which is not bad either. However, for as little as 25 euros you can purchase the new stem which provides a better and even fresher hookah experience.

See our blog post on why the new hookah pipe stem is better!


#3 Hekkpipe hookah bottle and hookah hose

hookah bottle and hose

Photo: Marko Vilberg

It is always useful to have some spare parts in your hookah gear, therefore, a great hookah Christmas gift idea might be a new Hekkpipe bottle or a new hose instead.

It’s a widely known fact that everything that moves or that’s being used, needs replacing at some point. It’s the same with your hookah gear, too. The bottle and the hose both cost as little as 15 euros, but give their effort to make your hookah taste fresh!

So, why not put either of them to Santa’s gift bag. Or, why not both!


#2 A brand new Hekkpipe

portable hookah box in nature

If you’re looking for something a bit more special, take a look at our shop and choose your favorite Hekkpipe instead. You can choose between three models – Hexagon, Active or Deluxe. They all have their strong sides and features, so you’d have to make the choice depending on your preferences. But one thing’s for sure – they all are a great investment!

Hekkpipe Active, for example, is the one and only truly portable hookah, while Hekkpipe Deluxe gives your hookah sessions an extra style! The Hexagon, however, simply stands out on every hookah hangout you participate in!

They all come with many additional options like engraving – be sure to read the next point, too!


#1 Your very special engraved Hekkpipe – the best hookah Christmas gift!

Here’s the number one hookah Christmas gift idea from Santa – your very special engraved Hekkpipe. Surprise your beloved ones with a hookah that is one if a kind. You can purchase any of our Hekkpipe models with a custom engraving options, making the Hekkpipe stand out on every hookah hangouts.

Personalized engravings are a good way to let your hookah carry a word/sentence or even a logo that resonates with you or your beloved ones. Adding a custom engraving to your Hekkpipe makes your Hekkpipe unique and one of a kind hookah. Seek some inspiration from our blog post or the gallery here!


So, what the HEKK are you waiting!? Go to our online store to place your order now and you can be sure to find the perfect hookah Christmas gift from Santas gift bag. But hey, only if you’ve been a good boy or girl, right? 😉


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