The lightest hookah of all times: Hekkpipe Hexagon (Review)
Lightest hookah of all times - Hekkpipe Hexagon

You’re probably already familiar with the only hookah in the world that is designed to work perfectly without foil, right? If not, you should be for at least 7 reasons for choosing the Hekkpipe Hexagon hookah. You can even consider this as the official Hekkpipe Hexagon review. Let’s go!


#1 Hexagon is super light!

Once you’ve held the Hexagon between your hands, you’ll realize just how little this beauty weighs.

The hookah itself weighs only 600 grams. This is like a pack of cereals, isn’t it? Add the hose, hookah tongs and the packaging and it still weighs just 1 kilogram. This makes the Hexagon super easy to use.


#2 Hexagon is super compact!

super compact hookah hekkpipe

In a way, the Hexagon is just like these magnificient products from TV shops that fit under the bed. The difference is, however, that the Hexagon really does!

Due to its compact design (9.5 x 9.5 x 31.5 cm or 3.7” x 3.7” x 12.4”) the Hexagon is never a reason for NOT going out. You can fit it in your backback even when going for a week long holiday.

However, we’ve designed the Hexagon to be super durable at the same time. And yes, this is possible!


#3 Hexagon is super durable!

durable shisha for outdoor

Another great fact to the Hekkpipe Hexagon review – because it’s built by the strong hands of Estonian men, the Hexagon is super durable! Sometimes you let the exterior fool yourself – the Hexagon is a great example of that saying.

Contrary to popular belief, the Hexagon is extremly durable. We once had an unfortunate accident where the Hexagon fell on the floor from as high as 1,5 meters. And guess what? It survived! Not a single scratch on the hookah. Instead, it left a minor mark on the wooden floor. 🙂 The only thing that could break, is the ceramic hookah bowl. 

The durability is achieved by using wood and this magical hexagon-style design – those six corners make the hookah far more stronger. Compared to the traditional hookah with a glass bottle, the difference is outrageous!


#4 Hexagon is super easy to set up and use!

setting up hookah is easy

Well, we basically said it all in the heading, didn’t we? The Hexagon stands out from the rest of our hookahs due to its special compartment for the hot coal which eliminates the need to use tinfoil. This makes the setting up process twice as fast!

Changing the tobacco bowl and the coal is a piece of cake, too, because those two compartments are separated. Thus enabling you to enjoy the best hookah session available.


#5 Hexagon is super safe!

extreme way doing hookah

Remember the special compartment in the previous point? Well, this compartment is held in place by magnets which makes it on one hand easy to access the tobacco in the bowl or add/move coal; but on the other hand, safe to the carpet, too!

If the Hexagon happens to fall, the hot coal won’t fall off the hookah. This is a great feature that comes with all our hookahs!


#6 Hexagon is super easy to engrave on!

custom hookah

Hekkpipe offers custom engraving to all our hookah models. However, we find the Hexagon the easiest to engrave on. Due to its material we can even engrave very small details on it. If we do the engraving on the top part, you can simply turn it just the way you like it. 


#7 Hexagon features innovative design and is eye-catching – the final word in our Hekkpipe Hexagon review

modern design hookah

So, there is no such hookah as the Hexagon! It’s definitely eye-catching and you shouldn’t be ashamed when keeping it on the living room shelf. In fact, it may seem like a cool decoration item rather than a hookah. But if you read the text above, you know that it most certainly is a hookah. And a very good one, indeed. 😉

Since autumn 2017 the Hexagon comes in 8 color options – natural and silver-gray (also known as the Hexagon Dark).


PS! Hekkpipe Hexagon is a great Christmas gift idea! See our top 5 hookah Christmas ideas!

make a hookah as a gift to your friend

So, this was our Hekkpipe Hexagon review. Let us know what you think about the Hexagon! If you’re already a Hexagon owner, post a memory of you and your hookah to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.



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