Summer hookah | TOP 10 moments with Hekkpipe from 2018

Summer and hookah – what could be better, right? And woah what a summer we had here in Estonia where Hekkpipe HQ is located! So, autumn is knocking on the door and now is the best time to look back at summer 2018. Here are the TOP 10 moments with Hekkpipe from 2018. Share yours on Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe – it’s never too late!


Take your hookah to a summer festival

Meet I Land Sound – true summer outdoor festival. Hekkpipe was there with the guests and boy did we like it! We believe this is the quintessential of a summer festival. Why not check it out yourself in 2019?

festival hookahPhoto: @ilandsound


Hekkpipe meets waterpark

Waterpipe meets…waterpark. These cool guys took their Hekkpipe Active for a ride and visited Estrella Wakepark. Cool shot, yeah?

wakepark hookah

Photo: @lifeisaview


Did they smoke hookah in Soviet Union?

We don’t know for sure. But we do know that there’s a guy driving a nostalic Soviet car Lada, eating pizza and enjoying Hekkpipe. AND watching some drifting at the freaking same time! The sign on the rear window by the way says:”100 km/h with a Lada? No problem, but freaking scary!”

soviet hookah

Photo: @kaimpsss


Hekkpipe is the true beach hookah

Just look at the photo. Do we have to say anything else? OK, a few things – due to its design, Hekkpipe stays nice and stable even when placed in sand. Therefore, it’s safe and totally meant for enjoying at the beach.

Interested in this red bag-like couch? Check out to get yours.

perfect beach hookah

Photo: @armiiino


Hekkpipe visits summer nightclub

Yeah, you can enjoy your hookah even while dancing. This video proves it all. Hekkpipe is a truly portable shisha, that’s for sure.


Car hookah – always with you

Being portable means your Hekkpipe is always ready for your next drive. Even if you decide to travel through the world with your cool retro van like Bulliundclyde does at this very moment. Bulliundclyde is a big fan of Hekkpipe.

hipster hookah

Photo: @bulliundclyde


Sunrise hookah – hell yeah

Hekkpipe is meant to accompany you in your special moments. Well, here’s one of those moments. What a beautiful morning to enjoy a sunrise. This girl took her green Hekkpipe Active for a ride and enjoys some fresh-tasting hookah on hay balls. By the way, did you see that the hay balls are colored in blue, black and white – the colors of national flag of Estonia.

moment for yourself

Photo: @_keilim_


How about some hookah tricks?

You know, preparing your hookah is all about finding balance – how much coal to use and what tobacco combination to go for. Therefore, doing some balance exercises is really appropriate way to spend your time. Looks easy, but have you tried it out?

hookah excercise

Photo: @k_noormets


New custom hookah possibilities

Since summer 2018 we offer some cool new possibilities for customizing your Hekkpipe hookah. Now, you can order a custom engraving to the front cover as well. Give yourself to the dark side!

Also, check out some inspiration for your next hookah engravings.

custom hookah

Photo: @daqqer2k


Hekkpipe is your companion at bonfires

And finally, there were bonfires. Hundreds or even thousands of them. And we have photo proof that Hekkpipe visited at least one of them. What a lovely shot, guys!

bonfire hookah

Photo: @svea_tkrp



Bonus! Hekkpipe launched its new website!

online hookah store - check out what’s better on Hekkpipe’s new website

We launched our brand new website a few weeks ago. Months of preparations, analyses and prototyping is now available in the shape of the new web. Check out what’s new and what’s gone better for our fans and customers. Oh and yeah, the website improves daily – we’ll soon add some further languages and sections. If the time is right, we’ll let you guys know!

Now you can comment on any blog post to give us feedback and share your ideas. Go ahead, give it a try!


Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments! And of course, don’t forget to post memories with your moments with Hekkpipe to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.

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