Social smoking: 5 best songs to listen while relaxing with your hookah
Best hookah songs to listen while relaxing with your shisha

Do you know what’s the one thing that most people can’t just live without? Well, besides oxygen. Yes, you’ve guessed it right – good music! Be it hiking, playing board games, focusing on something really important or relaxing with hookah – good music is always there to accompany you on your social smoking. We all have our favorite playlists, but here are our recommendations for 5 best songs to listen while relaxing with your hookah – try them out!


#5 UK Billboard TOP 40

billboardsWhat’s the best choice to break the silence? Yes, the UK Billboard TOP40. Hit play and we’ll guarantee there’s at least one person at your hangout that can sing along any song from the playlist. If one of the following songs ring a bell to you – “Despacito”, “Wild Thoughts” or “Feels” – this playlist is certainly made for you to accompany your social smoking.

If UK Billboard sounds too mainstream, look up Japan Hot 100 instead. We all know their unexpected TV shows – now it’s time to educate ourselves in their music.

#4 Deep house

Deluxe hookah and good music - perfect combo

Photo: @nbaha

You know you’ll love it! Just listen to those ear-friendly smooth beats that make your foot stomp on the floor and fingers tap on the table.

If you’re not familiar with deep house, you might think this is yet another boring lounge music, but it’s definitely not! The word “deep” itself might scare you, but don’t let it – try it out on your next social smoking.



#3 Liquid drum and bass



Looking for something that boosts energy to your social smoking hangout? Here’s the solution – liquid drum and bass. So-called regular drum and bass (dnb) might be a bit too much for relaxing depending on your preferences, but liquid dnb should suit to anyone.

Investing in a high-quality portable speaker gives you the opportunity to enjoy your hookah with a good music wherever you are and on the go. Why not try it out at an extreme place like we suggested in one of our previous blog posts? Hekkpipe can handle nearly any activity you like. 😉


#2 Classical music

Enjoying deluxe hookah while chilling and listening calm classical music

Photo: @nbaha

Did you know that music helps some people to concentrate better? Search for a three-hour classical study music playlist and it’ll guarantee you a pleasant time. Owning a spare tobacco bowl lets you enjoy your hookah for many hours in a row as long as you stay hydrated.

Are you up to writing your thesis? Is there a project deadline due? Classical music helps you keep your thoughts on the most important. Smoking your hookah the same time calms your body, thus making it an ideal combo for relaxing.




#1 Reggae – the heart of social smoking

Photo: Wikipedia

Reggae – the true classics of hookah music. If you’re looking for something to accompany you at your hookah hangout or quiet chill near the sea, reggae is the right choice! Bob Marley – the father of reggae – or any other reggae music mix work brilliantly. Just sit back and relax.

Don’t forget to follow our tips on how to make your hookah taste fresh and what drinks to enjoy with hookah!




Let us know what music do you prefer to listen while relaxing with your hookah and post a memory of it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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