Shisha to go | What is the perfect shisha for summer outdoor music festivals?
Shisha to go - What is the perfect shisha for summer outdoor music festivals

Why shisha to go (just like Hekkpipe) is the perfect choice for summer outdoor music festivals? We’ll cover that a bit later, but before – if you are one of those people who is organizing a summer outdoor music festival this year, you have probably noticed that you’re not the only one. Summer festivals are gaining popularity and at some point you might find yourself with less and less participants. But here’s something for you that could help you along the way. Read on to find out how hookah can help your event.


Shisha lounge at my summer festival? Yes, and here’s why

Shisha lounge at my summer festival Yes, and here’s whyIf you’ve never considered opening a shisha lounge at your event, you should do it like… now! Here are three reasons why this is useful for your venue and your fans:

    1. shisha lounge attracts your clients
      An average shisha session lasts for about 45 minutes. That, however, equals about 1-1,5 drinks. And did you know that shisha is usually enjoyed in a company? So, multiply it by 2-4 people. 😉 Still thinking? Read on.
    2. shisha helps to reach new clients
      When you reach the point where you shout out the shisha lounge opportunity, the word gets spread and you can be sure that some people who had never heard of your event, now do. And what could possibly be better than bigger reach within your target group? It is also useful for a shisha venue that organizes the hookah lounge – the guests will find out about you.
    3. more photos of your venue/event, more check-ins
      Shisha to go fans are fond to taking photos of themself enjoying the hookah. That, however, means you have the possibility to get more check-ins at your event and photos where your event or venue has been tagged at. What could be a better ad than the one your clients do themselves?


But… What is the perfect shisha to go for summer outdoor festival?

What is the perfect shisha to go for summer outdoor festivalWhile there are various hookahs available on the market, we have one strong recommendation – shisha to go Hekkpipe. Compared to traditional shishas Hekkpipe beats them by miles. Truth be told, Hekkpipe is literally born to attend summer outdoor festivals. And here’s why:

  • Hekkpipe is extremely portable – perfect shisha to go
    Whatever you’re organizing – Hekkpipe suits your event perfectly. Hekkpipe is designed to be portable and this is something that enables your clients to move around the venue, enjoying their shisha at the same time. See Hekkpipe Active or Hekkpipe Deluxe for example.
  • Hekkpipe is super easy to set up
    They just are. You can prepare it within minutes. If the tobacco bowl needs replacing, you can simply take the new bowl to the table and you’re all set – especially useful tip with Hekkpipe Hexagon. The spared time can be used to serve more clients, obviously. 🙂


Interested? Let us know!

shisha lounge at your summer outdoor eventSo, why not open a shisha lounge at your summer outdoor event? Or a shisha rent instead? Hekkpipe is certainly the best choice to consider!

If you’re organizing an event and interested in our offer, let us know at But just before you go, let us remind you that we have about 8 000 followers on our social media accounts and tens of Hekkpipe-related social media posts are done each week by our fans.  So, if you choose Hekkpipe as your partner, we can help you with marketing as well.


We just launched a campaign with a small music festival in Estonia – I LAND SOUND. So, maybe your event could be the next one? If you plan to visit this festival, step in. 😉


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