Shipments and the delivery during the time of restrictions
We have received many questions if we ship the goods to different places in the world and have the delivery time changed. The short answer is that yes, we ship and no major changes in delivery time. Read on, to find out additional information.

Shipments and the delivery time

Regarding shipments, we do have good news for you. Our delivery partners have confirmed that all goods will reach their destination as they did previously. Although delivery partners have increased the international shipments costs for us, we do not charge anything additionally from you. Although depending on the country, one to three additional days could be added due to additional control on borders and increase of shipments volume worldwide. Because of coronavirus, more and more people have started to order online. We kindly ask you to do the same!

Local customers have also asked us several times if they could pick up the goods themselves to receive them quicker.  For respect to our hookah producing wizards and for your health, we hope for your patience and that you wait for the parcel to come to you. Believe us, we do our best to ship the goods as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding. 

Can  I have a hookah session? 

Yes, you can have a hookah session! We work hard to provide you with excellent hookahs so you could enjoy a great session. Due to coronavirus, which is still active in many countries, we wish to point out some precaution measures we advise to follow. Of course, if in your country the virus is not the case anymore, you can skip these points. 

  1. Be selfish. Please enjoy the hookah session alone, do not share it with others. We really wish that using mouth-tips would give you enough protection for the virus, but unfortunately, they don`t. Also, please avoid enjoying the session when someone is in the same room.
  2. Do not have hookah sessions if you feel you have even one Coronavirus symptom.
  3. Please clean your hookah carefully after every session. You can find instructions from:

To sum it up. Currently, the best thing is to minimize the number of people you enjoy the hookah. So it’s the best time to own one and to master your hookah skills.  Enjoy it on a cozy evening or in wild nature.

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