Say hello to the new Hookah Hekkpipe Active family
Hookah new product - portable Hekkpipe Active

From to time, we reach the point where we think – how to improve something that’s already very good? Recently we were in this situation with our Hekkpipe Active models, but we as strong Estonian men weren’t afraid of doing some changes. Here’s what we came up with – the brand new Hekkpipe Active!


Here are three things that have changed with the new Hekkpipe Active family.


#1 New Hekkpipe Active family comes with better finishing

We were proud of the previous model, but there was one thing that always came up in the discussions – the finishing.

So, here’s the solution – we made the Actives look even nicer and used a bit different technology for finishing. It now feels like heaven came to Earth – just touch it and you’ll realize.

Estonian National flag

#2 Active now features a new hookah stem

Like we wrote in our previous post, we recently renewed the hookah stem. And the cool thing is that all new Actives now feature this!

You can read more about the new hookah stem here, but in a nutshell – it’s simply better!


#3 New and brighter colors & new member in Hekkpipe Active family


Portable hookah family gatheringIf you didn’t find your favorite color from the Active options so far, here’s something for you now!

First, all color options are now brighter thanks to the new coloring technique. Colors like blue, mahogany and green are now simply stunning! The hoses also got the new looks and colors, by the way.

But most importantly – there’s a new color available – yellow! Choosing the yellow Active model really stands out from the crowd. Go, give it a try and buy it on our website!

Here’s the full list of colors available:

Hekkpipe Active Blue

Blue hookah

Hekkpipe Active Mahogany

Mahogany shisha - Hekkpipe Active

Hekkpipe Active Green

Green hookah - outdoor edition

Hekkpipe Active Orange

Orange shisha for active lifestyle

Hekkpipe Active Black

Black hookah

Hekkpipe Active Yellow

Yellow hookah - the best color to engrave

So, those were the three things that have changed in the new Hekkpipe Active family. What is important – all the best features like waterproofness, portability and easy-to-use remained!


PS. We soon have something for the Hexagon fans, too. We’re currently looking for a friend for the Hexagon. Which one it’ll be – stay tuned and get to know it soon…


Let us know which one you liked the most and post a memory of it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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