Hookah Hekkpipe Hexagon Bee


149,00 (including VAT)

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Hekkpipe Hexagon is a handmade portable hookah that has a unique and impressive look. Each Hexagon is made with care; each detail is controlled and has top-notch finishing. Due to the characteristics of the wood, each Hexagon is unique.

Key features:
  • Do not need tinfoil
  • Light-weight (0.6 kg, with all accessories 1 kilograms) and really compact
  • It takes half the time to set up compared to your average hookah.
  • Super easy to use. It features a special compartment that separates coals and tobacco.
  • The first hookah with magnets. During the session, you can easily add or mix tobacco or coal.
  • Conveniently add tobacco into the bowl during your session without having to touch the coals.
  • Magnets under the Hexagon. So put it on the metal and its won’t move 🙂
User manual
Personal engraving

Surprise your friend or dearest – add personal engraving for your hookah. You can add everything you want – a logo,  a slogan, or a text. Real-life examples, ideas and more information regarding ordering can be found from custom engraving and customization options.

Important info:

  • From e-shop, we sell products only to business customers (for gifts, for resale, bars, lounges, etc).
  • For everybody our products are available at Tondi 17b, Tallinn.
  • Become our reseller and check our reseller's network on the contact page: https://hekkpipe.com/contact-us/