Hookah Box Front Cover – Hekkpipe Active

Hookah Box Front Cover – Hekkpipe Active

Hookah Box Front Cover – Hekkpipe Active


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If you already are a Hekkpipe owner and you have an Active model at home, then this product is just for you. This front cover has a security compartment system and Hekkpipe logo.

Hekkpipe front cover is useful when:
  • you already have a Hekkpipe Active hookah
  • you would like to refresh your hookah outlook
  • something happened with your front cover
  • you would like to add engraving to your hookah, and you don’t want to buy a new Hekkpipe

PS! If you have an Active green hookah that you bought e.g., two years ago, then there is a considerable likelihood that the colors don’t have the exact match. We continuously improve our products, including colors. But mixing colors makes hookah even more impressive and unique.

Personal engraving

Add a personal engraving for your Active hookah cover. You can add everything you want – a logo,  a slogan, or a text on the top side of the front cover. Real-life examples, ideas, and more information regarding ordering can be found from custom engraving and customization options.

Important info:

  • From e-shop, we sell products only to business customers (for gifts, for resale, bars, lounges, etc).
  • For everybody our products are available at Tondi 17b, Tallinn.
  • Become our reseller and check our reseller's network on the contact page: https://hekkpipe.com/contact-us/
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