7 examples of contemporary Estonian design | Portable hookah
Portable hookah and Estonia 100 - 7 examples of contemporary Estonian design

Estonia, the HQ of Hekkpipe, celebrates its 100th anniversary on 24th of February this year. As the celebrations already begun early this week, we show you 7 examples of contemporary Estonian design – something you simply have to see! Including a portable hookah designed and built in Estonia.


#7 Your time, your watch – wooden watches from Wooch

Wooch wooden watches

Each Wooch wooden watch is unique and personal, handmade from carefully selected wood with great dedication and passion. Wooch offers watches for both men and women.

Wooch was born in September 2014, when four young students from Tartu decided to set up a student company to give their customers the chance to experience time differently, with personal wooden watches.

The priceless worth of time, carefully selected wood with extraordinary materials and unique patterns, great dedication and passion – and the result? A beautiful, resilient, special handmade watch called Wooch.

These days, Wooch runs its own workshop with the necessary equipment, a committed team, and lots of ambition to give people the chance to experience time differently – with confidence and pride. Wooch watches have been sold to more than 20 countries.

Did you know that one of the proud Wooch wearers is the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid former Estonian Primer Minister Taavi Rõivas?

Prices start from 169 EUR. Buy your very own Wooch here.


#6 Handcrafted bicycle? Yes, this is Viks!


Viks - Handcrafted bicycle

Photo: Viks

Viks frames are handcrafted in Estonia from start to finish using special stainless steel tubes, joints and laser cut parts. It takes about 60 separate steel pieces and two full working days to cut, bend, weld and sand one standard Viks frameset and one more day to sandblast and finish it all of with a nice and bright coat of paint.

Two identically shaped stainless steel tube frames run alongside the entire Viks motorcycle-like silhouette. The two sides are joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket complimenting the masculine look of the bicycle. Viks frames are 100% handcrafted in Estonia by qualified artisans in a small urban workshop.

Viks has received numerous design awards from all over the world. So, what do you wait? See Viks bikes resellers and get your own handcrafted bike here.


#5 Looking for an apron? Try Tie&Apron instead!

Tie and Apron Estonian design

Photo: Tie&Apron

Like most great things in life, the story of Tie&Apron began quite unexpectedly. It happened one night when Estonian designer Andres Labi was invited to a dinner party.

While serving the meal, the host – who was dressed in a black tie and a black apron – was in a constant struggle to stop his tie from dipping in the food every time he leaned forward to pass the next dish to the guests.

While witnessing this struggle, Andres couldn’t help also noticing that the host’s black tie and apron seemed to merge into one another so fluidly, creating the illusion of one single elegant piece of clothing.

Fascinated by this intriguing contradiction and eager to save other such stylish hosts from the same failure of functionality in future, Andres turned to the woman sitting next to him:“Why not combine the tie and apron into a single piece of clothing? They are so often worn together anyway.” The woman looked at him and said:“Well, you are a designer. Make it happen!”

The idea of putting the tie and apron together seemed so cunningly simple that he rushed home and designed the world’s first tie-apron.

Since then, more than 4000 tie-aprons have been manufactured and sold all over the world.

Today, the design concept of the tie-apron is registered worldwide and Tie&Apron is the internationally registered trademark.

Three models are available for purchase here.


#4 Design stool/side table

Maria Rasta chears and Hekkpipe hookah

Photo: Maria Rasta

“Chick” was originally designed as a small stool, but for now it is rather a small decorative element used as a small side table or a bedside stand, as a footrest of an armchair, but in addition it has an extra function – to make You smile!

Chick’s designer Maria Rästa says she enjoys creating designs that have a bit of humor in them – and if you look at her portfolio, you can clearly witness it!

Simple and practical home and kitchen accessories can be designed as playful and funny objects. Maria thinks it is so nice when everyday objects could suddenly make you smile.

See Maria Rästa’s portfolio and get your own Chick design stool!


#3 Stay foolish, stay Woolish!

Woolish Estonian design

Photo: Woolish

Best things are always simple and practical. Already since 1928 in a small Estonian town Viljandi have been produced and designed comfy natural knits with pleasant aura and authentic touch. Woolish products are inspired by nordic needs with braided family traditions of four generations in today’s execution. Soft and warm british wool and merino wool products are winter season must have.

Woolish philosophy is based on the satisfaction of our customers. Woolish knows that they can be successful only when they work together with their clients, this is their aim and this is their competitive advantage. Woolish promoses to design, produce and create unique products by paying attention to small details.

See Woolish products and purchase something for yourself or your beloved ones here.


#2 Handcrafted reflective jewellery – HELK

reflective jewellery by helk

Photo: Helk

HELK is a brand of reflective jewellery designed and produced in Estonia. HELK helps you to make yourself visible in the dark nights, especially usual here in Estonia.

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer a bicycle or a butterfly-shaped reflectors – HELK has them all. For as little as 12 EUR you can get yourself a modern reflector or rather a reflective jewellery instead.

Get your HELK here!


#1 Hekkpipe portable hookah

portable hookah in Estonian flag colors

Photo: Hekkpipe

Hekkpipe portable hookah is a hookah like no other. Due to its smart and compact design, Hekkpipe is fully portable and ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next, be it the beach, festival, hiking, boat or snowboarding trip. Hekkpipe comes with a shoulder strap (Hekkpipe Active) or hand strap (Hekkpipe Deluxe) that makes it easy to carry around.

You can add some character to your hookah, too, with a personal engraving like your name, your company’s logo, some funny statement or a special wish. Why not give it as a gift to someone special?

And last but not least – Hekkpipe portable hookah takes your hookah experience to another level with its greater airflow and special vortex type bowl that guarantees longer smoking sessions without burning and scorching.

Get your Hekkpipe portable hookah here!


Let us know which one you liked the most and post a memory of it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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