Online hookah store | Check out what’s better on Hekkpipe’s new website
online hookah store - check out what’s better on Hekkpipe’s new website

Online hookah store has just grew bigger! We launched our brand new website today. Months of preparations, analyses and prototyping is now available in the shape of the new web. Check out what’s new and what’s gone better for our fans and customers. Oh and yeah, the website improves daily – we’ll soon add some further languages and sections. If the time is right, we’ll let you guys know!


Fast and user friendly online shopping

Time matters. We give our best to be fast at both production and delivery. Now, we do the same with our new online hookah store. We have completely rebuilt the website’s back end. As of today, online shopping at Hekkpipe’s online store is the fastest in the history. You can get your very own Hekkpipe for as less as few clicks – just use the quick shop feature!

We have also made a complete change to our features section. While there are many out there, Hekkpipe is the one and only. Meet the world’s most portable hookah with its 9 features here.


Commenting available on our blogCommenting available on our blog

Hekkpipe always considers the feedback from our clients and fans. Often, you guys pointed out that it would be cool the comment on our blog posts – adding some further details, sharing some other tips and tricks with the rest of the world. Now, the option is finally available. Feel free to let us know what you think of our articles, share your knowledge with others and give your best to education hookah lovers.


New products

hekkpipe t-shirt - hookah fan gear

Additionally, our new online hookah store now features some cool products. Spare parts and accessories are extremely useful for those who already own a Hekkpipe hookah. But of course for others as well.

First, we added some necessary spare parts for Hekkpipe family members. In addition to hookah bottle, hoses and  hookah bowl, we now offer hookah boxes for all our hookahs. Why would you need a new hookah box? Well, it might come handy if you want to give your Hekkpipe hookah a new look, without needing to buy a complete hookah set. Change the color, change the looks! You can even choose between different hookah hoses’ colors.

Second, now we also offer hookah box front cover for Hekkpipe Active. This is yet another option to customize your hookah. Order a yellow front box cover for your black Hekkpipe Active to give a stylish touch. Or do it with any other color combination.

Third, we now sell hookah mouth tips. These useful pals cost almost nothing, but are a good idea when thinking of hygiene. Hookah mouth tips come in packages from 10 to 500 pcs. You can also get yourself new hookah tongs or a new hookah bowl grommet, if necessary.

And last but not least – we start to offer Hekkpipe fan gear for our friends and fans all over the world. First up is the Hekkpipe T-shirt. Be among the first people to get some addition to your wardrobe get the Hekkpipe’s T! Soon, we’ll add some cool Hekkpipe stickers to the shop, too.


Hekkpipe for B2B

hekkpipe hookahs business to business b2b

Photo: BuildaBazaar Blog


Hekkpipe is currently active in Europe, United States and Japan. For partners interested in offering Hekkpipe products in some other country, we’ve created a business to business (B2B) section. Find out how Hekkpipe can be useful to you and what kind of cooperation we can offer. There’s something for businesses, social media influencers, events and venues and of course wholesellers.

Check out what we can offer to businesses here.


Fan page

Hekkpipe hookah is the perfect choice for everyone living an active lifestyle. We are honored to feature a large fanclub over the years. Now, for the very first time, we start introducing them to you and each other. Have a look!

Do note that we are adding new fans on the go, so be sure to check the fans section every once in a while.

Would you like to be featured on fan page? Contact us and let’s discuss it.


Cheaper delivery

cheap hookah delivery dpd

As a back-end change, we have changed our delivery partner. Thanks to DPD, the delivery to Latvia and Lithuania is now absolutely free of charge for purchases starting from € 30. For our customers in Estonia, the delivery is still free as well. We also managed to cut down on delivery to Russia and the rest of the world – we ship our products to any corner of the world for € 25. We also offer direct delivery to the shipping address in Baltics for € 6.

We work hard to get the delivery costs down for other countries and regions as well. By the end of 2018 we believe to have achieved some results here.

Good news is that delivery is a fixed cost – order as many hookahs as you like, ’cause the delivery costs still the same. Alrihgty, if you order a large amount of hookahs, do let us know beforehand – we can make you a friendly discount. 😉 


Let us know how do you like our new website in the comments! Is there anything you’d like to see featured on our site? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

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