New Year’s resolutions for hookah lovers
New Year’s resolutions for hookah lovers

Here’s to a brilliant New Year! In 2018 we all wish to be fit, spend more time with our friends and family and probably work out in a way or another, too. But if you’re seeking for somewhat different New Year’s resolutions – here are six original resolutions for hookah lovers!

#6 Start with simple New Year’s resolutions – I will drink before, during and after the hookah session to avoid headache

drinks and hookah

Promise you’ll remember to stay hydrated when smoking tobaccos with nicotine, OK? Drinking whatever rocks your boat, but please do drink something – this helps you avoid headache you would experience otherwise.

Read our recommendations on best drinks to enjoy with hookah here.


#5 I will share my great emotions with friends and take my hookah with me while hiking etc.

doing hookah while hiking at outdoors in winter

Promise you’ll remember that only Hekkpipe Active is the most portable hookah in the world thanks to its shoulder leash. It also comes in six different color options – just choose your favorite.

Read our big review on portable hookahs here.


#4 I will clean my hookah after every session. If necessary, during the session

shisha cleaning is more simple than pants

Well, here’s one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to achieve. Just promise you’ll remember that the fundamentals of a great hookah experience is a well-prepared and clean hookah. Taking care of your hookah in between the sessions helps the hookah live longer and make it taste fresh thus giving you an excellent hookah experience.

Read our tips on how to clean your Hekkpipe the proper way here.


#3 I will use the right amount of tobacco and hookah coal to keep the hookah taste fresh

Hookah bowl and propor amount flavored tobacco to vortex bowl

Promise you’ll follow this simple tip to keep your hookah taste fresh – make sure you don’t exaggerate with the tobacco. The golden rule is not to pack the bowl above the holes on the center vortex of the Hekkpipe Hookah Bowl to leave a space between the foil and the tobacco.

Also, promise you’ll use the appropriate coal, OK? Read our tips on how to make your hookah taste fresh here. Or how to break up hookah coal the right way here.


#2 I will keep my Hekkpipe Active or Deluxe’s lid closed to keep the hookah secure

close front cover and keep your hookah secure while doing it outside

Promise, you’ll keep in mind that Hekkpipe is designed and built to be safe. With Hekkpipe you can fully concentrate on the smoking experience without worrying about the burning coal and your clumsy friends. The magical stainless steel cone locks the coal inside and prevents it from burning you and your floor. But the safety is there only when you keep the lid closed, isn’t it? 🙂

Read more about Hekkpipe’s features here. 


#1 I will look through my hookah gear – if anything needs replacing, I will do it

Hookah gear

The final one from our New Year’s resolutions list – promise you’ll take a closer look at your hookah gear. Sure, you clean it regularly and keep it in a dry place, but take a closer look – are there any micro cracks in the tobacco bowl? Has it fallen at some point last year? Or perhaps an additional tobacco bowl would be useful? Maybe consider a new water bottle for your Hekkpipe to keep hookah tasting fresh?

Be sure to check our online shop for some additional hookah parts. Or maybe even a new Hekkpipe?


Do you have any other New Year’s resolutions? Let us know and post them to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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