International hookah picnic 2018 – a must-attend hookah event!
International hookah picnic 2018 – a must-attend hookah event

Making plans for August? Here’s a must-attend event for all you out there in the whole wide world – International Hookah Picnic 2018 on August 4th in Moscow! IHP’18 is the largest international open air hookah industry. If you’re attending the World Cup, why not consider staying in Russia for additional two weeks? Read on to find out more!

Hekkpipe is a true soul of summer picnic, that’s for sure. In addition to your ordinary picnic in a nearby park, why not try out something completely new? Participating in an international hookah picnic, for example! We give our best to attend the event next year. 😉


What is International Hookah Picnic?

In a nutshell, International Hookah Picnic is the largest annual hookah open air event in Russia. Thus, it’s a meeting place for professionals and fans of hookah culture from over the world.

You’ll find 5 hectares event area with:

  • 9 hours of free hookah smoking
  • 120 hookah brands
  • participants from 150 cities over the world
  • 8 000 visitors
  • 4 stages with shows, battles, B2B and lectures.


Definitely worth the shot! The first multi-brand event in the hookah industry that united representatives and fans of hookah culture in open air international format.

Each brand from Russia, CIS, Europe and South America is an independent center with its own exhibition space or lounge area where guests can take part in tasting and buy hookah products from exponents.

Besides, a rich program on 4 different stages will satisfy not only entertaining but also business needs of the participants. Source


Why add Hekkpipe to your backpack for International Hookah Picnic 2018?

add Hekkpipe to your backpack for International Hookah Picnic 2018

Photo: Svea Tikerpäe

While there are various hookahs available on the market, we have a recommendation for your International Hookah Picnic gear – portable shisha Hekkpipe. Compared to traditional shishas Hekkpipe beats them by miles. Truth be told, Hekkpipe is literally born to attend summer outdoor festivals. And here’s why:


Some further recommendations for International Hookah Picnic

recommendations for International Hookah Picnic

Photo: Lifeisaview

We’ve covered some hookah picnic related topics before. For example, read our recommendations for top hookah food to enjoy at hookah picnic or 5 things to do in summer with your hookah!


Looking for ideas for the best drinks to enjoy with hookah? No problems, read our blog post here.


Check out the International Hookah Picnic website and get your tickets for August 4th today!


Don’t forget to post memories of your quality time with Hekkpipe at hookah picnic to Instagram using #hekkpipe! 


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