Hookah tobacco storage | How to keep your hookah tobacco fresh?
hookah tobacco storage - how to keep your hookab tobacco fresh

“How to store my hookah tobacco?” is probably the question you don’t find yourself asking too often. Or, asking at all. However, hookah tobacco storage is one of the essentials for a quality, fresh-tasting hookah session. In this article we share the best hookah tobacco storage tips and tricks.


Hookah tobaccos mostly come in air-tight packages, often sealed in foil. There, the tobacco is protected nice and safe. However, once opened, there are some simple steps to follow in order to make the best out of the tobacco for a long time. Freshly opened box or a bag of tobacco doesn’t really expire, but after around six months the tobacco will start to dry and might affect the hookah’s taste.


1. Keep your hookah tobacco away from sunlight

keep hookah tobacco away from sunlight

The very first rule to follow – keep your shisha tobacco away from direct sunlight and store it in a dry and cool place. Be sure to carefully close the jar, box or bag after using the tobacco. You might want to store your tobacco in a drawer or cabinet at a room temperature.


2. Store your hookah tobacco in a special container

Photo: Farah Khatib


What if we told you that you can throw away the original hookah tobacco package? Sounds odd? But it absolutely isn’t. We recommend buying some resealable storage containers for your tobacco. Transfer the tobacco to the glass jar, plastic storage jar or a plastic container instead. However, make sure it’s air-tight! Otherwise, you might as well store your tobacco wherever else. 🙂


3. Consider storing your hookah in a fridge


This idea might sound strange at first place, but it really works. Fridge isn’t necessary as long as you use resealable air-tight containers, but can help you extend the tobacco’s lifespan.


4. DO NOT deep freeze your tobacco!

Do not deep freeze your tobacco

Even if you thought after reading the previous suggestion that hey, I will use deep freezer for hookah tobacco storage, think again. Freezing actually dry the tobacco faster and destroys the oils and moisture giving the hookah tobacco its flavor.


5. If necessary, moisturize your tobacco with tobacco syrup

shisha syrup for hookah tobacco

Photo: shishasyrup.com


If you kind of missed the abovementioned tips and your hookah tobacco storage masterplan has failed, don’t lose hope. If you find yourself facing a dried out tobacco, try this. Get yourself a pack of tobacco syrup and use it with your old shisha tobacco. Simply mix it with the tobacco and after a few minutes you’re all ready to start your hookah session.


Follow those four simple tips on hookah tobacco storage and you will be rewarded with a fresh-tasting hookah sessions for years.


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