Hookah colors suggestion | Decorate hookah instead eggs on Easter
Easter hookah colors - Decorate shisha instead eggs on Easter

Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Since its origins the Easter has been a time for celebration and feasting all over the world, but sure, the Easter customs have shifted in time. So, why not add hookah hangout to those customs to create some Easter hookah colors?


Easter customs


Easter hookah colors | Easter customs

We are all familiar with many traditional Easter games and customs such as egg rolling, egg tapping, pace egging and last but not least – egg decorating. According to Wikipedia, Easter has become commercially important – wherever we look, we see wide choice of greeting cards and decorations. Even many non-Christians celebrate the aspects of the holiday, leaving aside the religious origin of this holiday.

Did you know that egg tapping is known as egg knocking in the United States?

The Easter customs are quite the same all over the wide world with minor differences. English-speaking world celebrates the Easter with decorating Easter eggs on Saturday and with children hunting them on Sunday morning. The eggs are hidden all over the house and garden and children have to find them.

Louisiana, USA, claims to host the oldest egg-knocking competition in the US, dating back to the 1950s. Competitions are held with two participants knocking the two boiled eggs together. If the shell of your egg cracks, you have to forfeit it. The challenge lasts until just one egg remains.

Did you know that adding salt while boiling eggs could increase your chanches of winning?

In northern Germany, Easter Fires (Osterfeurer) are lit around sunset on Holy Sunday. Over the past years, Easter Fires have become larger and developed to smaller folkfestivals with snacks and drinks. Ideal holiday to organize a hookah hangout with your friends, right?


Three pro tips from Hekkpipe for upcoming Easter holidays regarding hookah colors


Easter hookah colors | Three pro tips from Hekkpipe

  1. Instead egg decorating, try hookah decorating for Easter hookah colors
    You can order a handmade portable hookah – Hekkpipe Active, Hekkpipe Deluxe or Hekkpipe Hexagon – in all basic colors. Blue hookah, black hookah, green hookah, orange hookah or yellow hookah – choose your favorite.
  2. Add Easter-themed custom engraving on your hookah
    We are capable of engraving any text or design to your brand new Hekkpipe portable hookah. Seek for some inspiration from our blog or let your fantasy flow and challenge us!
  3. Organize a hookah hangout with some Easter foods
    Having a hookah hangout with snacks is a great idea. See from our blog, why. So, organize a hookah hangout and get some pasha, pastiera napoletana or carrot cake instead.


Let us know how you celebrate Easter and post a memory of it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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