Hekkpipe’s Hookah pipe stem: better than the new iPhone
Hookah pipe stem - better than the new iPhone

A week ago Apple announced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Even though you can argue about the technical details, you must admit – they look great! Meanwhile, Hekkpipe announced its new Hookah pipe stem. Compared to the new iPhone, the Hookah stem beats it by miles – not only does it look good and is designed as beautiful as it came straight out of Apple HQ, it’s technical parameters are also better than its competitors. Here’s what’s changed.

In a nutshell, the hookah pipe stem is the thing that “makes bubbles” in your hookah bottle and enables you to experience a brilliant hookah session. There are three major features in our new hookah stem compared to the previous ones.


What has changed in the new hookah pipe stem?

good quality hookah stem with integrated blow out valveFirst, it features a four (!) times bigger valve for blowing the air out. “Is it good enough?” you ask. Of course – while the visual remains roughly the same, it enables you to blow more air out of the bottle. You might have experienced the situation where, if you blow hard enough, the water reached the tobacco bowl and thus made the session complicated or even end the session, if the water reached the tobacco. Those problems are solved now!

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can blow the hardest you ever did, but it’s a fair compromise between the user experience, technical possibilities and design.

Second, the new hookah stem features a ball hole that faces the other direction. That means, if you happened to face the situation where the ball sometimes stuck in the stem, it won’t happen again! A fair and simple change that makes your session better. Furthermore, the ball is now made of stainless steel which means only one thing – say goodbye to rust!

Third, the new hookah stem fits all of our Hekkpipe models – the Active, the Hexagon and the Deluxe. Previously you had to put some force in order to screw the hookah stem in its place, but now the procedure is more comfortable and more quiet. You simply twist the stem and it already is in its place!


Should you replace your hookah pipe stem?

Yes and no. We actually started delivering our hookahs with the new stem some time ago. So, if you’ve purchased your Hekkpipe in a month or so, it already came with the new one.

However, if your Hekkpipe is older, take a closer look at your stem. For as little as 25 euros you can buy the new stem and make your sessions even better. Shop now at https://hekkpipe.com/product/hookah-stem/


The verdict

hookah stem is really important part of hookahThe new, upgraded hookah pipe stem is finally available individually in our webshop!

The Hekkpipe Hookah Stem is specially designed for all Hekkpipe models: Active, Hexagon and Deluxe to raise your smoking session to the next level!

Shop now: https://hekkpipe.com/product/hookah-stem


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