Hookah Hekkpipe – a must-have paddle board gear
Hookah on paddle board must have gear

We are constantly looking for new ideas where to put our Hekkpipe hookah models to the test. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to develop such a great product. Did you know that Hekkpipe was born out of love for snowboarding? Our most recent discovery is SUP – just add Hekkpipe to your paddle board gear.

A quick look outside from Hekkpipe HQ’s window here in Estonia reveals – the summer’s about to end. But no worries, because there are still some sunny days ahead. Here’s a must-try activity with your Hekkpipe to try out before the leaves turn brown.

What is SUP and what’s included in paddle board gear?

SUP must have paddle board gear

SUP or stand up paddle boarding is an offshoot of surfing, but unlike surfing SUP is far more easier – the two essential things in your gear are the SUP board itself and the paddle. Anyone can SUP, really! The fun thing is that many SUP boards are inflatable makingit easy to store wherever you want.

On our SUP session, however, we found out that SUPping can be improved with a simple feature – add your Hekkpipe to your paddle board gear. As you glide slowly on the water and enjoy the stunning sunset, it’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy your Hekkpipe, too.

Tips for adding Hekkpipe to your paddle board gear

Hookah Hekkpipe and paddle board the coolest new accerssory each SUP onwers needs

Here are some quick reminders for you if you decide to add Hekkpipe to your paddle board gear:


Have you tried hookahing while paddle boarding? Do you know any other activities that you can enjoy with your Hekkpipe? Let us know and post a memory of it to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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