Hekkpipe in 2017 – what we are really proud of
Portable shisha Hekkpipe development in 2017

2017 was one HEKK of a year for us. In this magical year we launched our hookah blog for you, our dear fan, and continued with product development starting from the stem and finishing with new colors for both Active and Hexagon models. This is our summary. Let us present you – Hekkpipe in 2017!


Hekkpipe in 2017: We opened our very own blog


shisha blog posts

We’ve always wanted to share some pro tips and some behind-the-scenes information with our followers. But truth be told – we’ve never, until this summer, found an appropriate channel for this. Now, we have our very own blog for this kind of stuff. And boy have you embraced it!

We wrote 33 blog posts altogether, but three of them stood out the most:


Hekkpipe in 2017: We launched a new hookah stem

hookah stem - light and functional

In September we launched the new Hekkpipe Hookah Stem. Not only does it look good and is designed as beautiful as it came straight out of Apple HQ, it’s technical parameters are also better than its competitors.

The new stem features a four (!) times bigger valve for blowing the air out. Second, the new hookah stem features a ball hole that faces the other direction. And third, the new hookah stem fits all of our Hekkpipe models.

Be sure to read our brief review why the Hekkpipe’s Hookah pipe stem is better than the new iPhone here.


Hekkpipe in 2017: We launched new Hekkpipe Active colors

yellow color hookah

From to time, we reach the point where we think – how to improve something that’s already very good? Recently we were in this situation with our Hekkpipe Active models, but we as strong Estonian men weren’t afraid of doing some changes. Here’s what we came up with in September – the brand new Hekkpipe Active!

Besides better finishing and new stem, the Active models now feature new and brighter colors thanks to the new coloring technique. Colors like blue, mahogany and green are now simply stunning! The hoses also got the new looks and colors, by the way.

But most importantly – there’s a new color available – yellow! Choosing the yellow Active model really stands out from the crowd. Go, give it a try and buy it on our website!

If you’d like to read more about the recent changes, read the full blog post here.


Hekkpipe in 2017: We launched some more new colors – the Hekkpipe Hexagon Dark

Dark hookah Hexagon Hekkpipe

Besides improving the Active models, we went wild with the Hexagon, too! In November, we gave our contribution to the Black Friday sale and finally showed the world something completely new – Hekkpipe Hexagon Black.

Help us in welcoming the new member in our band – the Hekkpipe Hexagon Dark and buy it from our website.


So, this was Hekkpipe in 2017. Thank you for being with us. We hope you’ll be here with us in 2018, too. Don’t forget to post a memory of your moments with Hekkpipe to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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