The most portable hookah in the world: Hekkpipe Active Review
The most portable hookah in the world - Hekkpipe Active Review

If you’re looking for a truly portable hookah, you’ve found the one. The original and contemporary Hekkpipe Active is the most portable hookah in the world, making it our bestseller. Continue reading the Hekkpipe Active review to find out why.


Built to be the most portable hookah in the world 

most portable hookah in the world - do it by walking around in the forrestinging when waking in the tent on a hike. Or like having a shoulder leash on your hookah. This seemingly little detail literally makes the Hekkpipe Active the most portable hookah in the world.

The shoulder leash enables you to take your hookah everywhere. Whether it’s hiking in the weekend, sunbathing at the beach or something even more demanding – the Hekkpipe Active can conquer everything! Well, truth be told – you can’t smoke it underwater, but if we’d have waterproof coals, we’re sure we could “teach” Hekkpipe Active to work underwater, too.


Designed to stay safe

safe hookah - designed to tilt it

The whole concept of Hekkpipe Active is to be as portable as possible AND safe at the same time. We all know those hookah hangouts where the hookah happens to tip over and burn the floor or the carpet. But not any more.

The Hekkpipe Active is designed with a magic stainless steel cone that locks in the burning coal atop the bowl – making it easily transportable.  When the hookah’s lid is closed, the Active is safe as a tank – leaving your beautiful carpets and floors untouched!

Furthermore, the creators of Hekkpipe have even flirted with danger a bit! How? Well, you can move the burning coal without hookah tongs – simply tilt your hookah up to 45 degrees and you’re all set to enjoy the perfectly thick and fresh smoke from your Hekkpipe.


Recently updated & new colors

New fresh shisha color

Another reason for writing this review is the fact that Hekkpipe Active – just like all good things at some point – featured some product development recently. This, as a result, gave the world even better hookahs than before.

The Hekkpipe Active now comes with better finishing and various bright colors. There’s even a new member in the Hekkpipe Active family – yellow. See our blog post on new colors in addition to the Hekkpipe Active review here.


The twist in the Hekkpipe Active review: Waterproof hookah?

waterproof hookah

Long story short: yes! Even though you can’t use the hookah underwater due to obvious reasons (see above), the Hekkpipe Active IS waterproof.

Let us explain. By saying waterproof, we mean that you can simply wash it under running water just like you do your dishes. For example, the bottle, stem and the bowl could be washed in the dishwasher.

The hose and the wooden box need to be washed by hand – running hot water through the hose is just enough. And swiping the ash away from the wooden box with a moist towel should just do the trick.

See our blog post on how to take care of your hookah here.


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