Halloween hookah special: Celebrate Halloween in style with Hekkpipe
halloween hookah

So, Halloween is just around the corner. If you haven’t made your Halloween plans yet, now it’s time! We like Halloween, especially when accompanied by Hekkpipe hookahs. Read on to find out what is Halloween all about and how hookah could be involved in celebrations.

What the HEKK is Halloween all about?

Halloween pumpkin party

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Halloween, celebrated in a variety of countries on the 31st October, and trick-or-treats are surely well-known. But do you know where does Halloween originate?

Simply put, Halloween is a mix-up of different Christian and pagan traditions, but some believe Halloween originates from the Celtic pagan festival Samhain – meaning Summer’s End – which celebrated the end of harvest season. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

However, what do the horrifying costumes and the trick-or-treating mean anyway? Well, the origin of trick-or-treating is a tradition from 11th century called souling. Children went door-to-door, asking for soul cakes in exchange for praying for the souls of friends and relatives.

The dressing-up habit probably originates from that time, too, when the very same children dressed up as angels, demons or saints. There, another mystery solved!


Enough of theory! What about Halloween and hookah?

Pumpkin hookah

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As you might guess, smoking hookah at Halloween or put it another way round – Halloween hookah –  isn’t a long tradition. But here are four things you can do at Halloween with your hookah!

Organize a Halloween hookah hangout and don’t forget the costumes! Yeah, okay, Halloween is on Tuesday this year, but hey – is that a problem? Definitely not! Gather some friends, ask them to dress up accordingly and prepare your hookah the right way. Think about the right music, too – why not pick one from our recent suggestions?

Dress up your hookah as a pumpkin! Dressing up doesn’t have to be only the privilege for humans. Give your hookah an opportunity, too! Let it become a true Halloween hookah!

To do that, you have to options: the bottle or the tobacco. If you decide to go with disguising the bottle, do the following:

  1. find the pumpkin of a right size to fit the bottle
  2. cut the “top” of the pumpkin and clean the pumpkin from inside
  3. place the bottle into the pumpkin
  4. cut the right sized hole in the “top” of the pumpkin
  5. guide the stem throug the top
  6. you’re all set!

If you prefer dressing up your tobacco stem, do the same, but choose a tiny-tiny pumpkin and cut off the bottom, too.

Drink some pumpkin-spiced latte during your Halloween hookah session. If in a rush or the abovementioned two ideas won’t turn you on, choose the easy way – prepare yourself some pumpkin-spiced latte and enjoy the hookah!


Now, prepare to get your own Halloween hookah!

There is no Halloween without the Hekkpipe Halloween special! Be sure to stay tuned because Hekkpipe is launching a sweet deal on October 25th. We can’t reveal all the details but what we can say is that it involves hookahs and discount.

CLICK HERE to get your own Hekkpipe Halloween hookah. The campaign starts on October 25th!


Why not use the free engraving for a Halloween-themed custom engraving? Or seek for inspiration from our blog post here.

hookah with halloween engraving

Customized hookah for giveaway

Photod: Marko Vilberg




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