Fresh hookah taste – how to achieve it with Hekkpipe Hexagon?
Fresh hookah taste – how to achieve it with Hekkpipe Hexagon
Portable hookah Hekkpipe Hexagon turned three years old this April. Within this time, we’ve shipped Hexagon all over the world and received a lot of positive feedback to it from our fans.  And as a company who cares about its clients, we always look for ways to improve our product and teach something new to our fans. Read on to find out what our fans have to share with you guys on how to make your Hexagon hookah taste fresh.

Besides recently adding some new color options for Hexagon, we now share some tips for current and future Hexagon friends for fresh tasting hookah, based on feedback from clients like you. 

Did you now that Hekkpipe Hexagon is light-weight, compact and eye-catching? This innovative hookah is super-easy to use and takes half the time to set up compared to your average hookah. Hexagon features a special compartment which is held in place by magnets that make it easy to access the tobacco in the bowl or add or move coal.

NB! The hookah manual is still up to date – this post is merely a set of suggestions that might help you lead the way in the vivid hookah world.


To make the fresh hookah taste, bake the tobacco, not burn it

what-affects-the-taste-of-hookah-hekkpipe-hexagonOne of the essential principles of a fresh tasting hookah is the way you handle your tobacco. Keep in mind that it’s important to bake or heat the tobacco, not burn the tobacco. This is the most common mistake our clients unfortunately sometimes to – exaggerating with the tobacco or with the hookah coal.

Even though we say and we still believe that Hexagon works great without tinfoil, we have now learned that in some cases, using tinfoil might guarantee a quality hookah session. The reason is simple – there are tens of different coals that come in different sizes. Therefore, if the tobacco tends to burn, we recommend using tinfoil to reduce the hookah coal’s heat. Tinfoil reduces the risk of tobacco burning, however, this isn’t always the only choice.


Use tinfoil to make the hookah fresh

fresh hookah taste - using tinfoil-with-blue-hekkpipe-hexagox

In most cases, the Hexagon works brilliantly without tinfoil – this is how we designed it. But what if your session doesn’t satisfy your needs? Here’s what you should do.

Use about two, three or four layers of the most common tinfoil available at the nearest groceries. You can try out any combination from one to six layers, depending on the tinfoil or the coal. If you use a special hookah tinfoil, one or two layers should do the magic!

Don’t be afraid to use tinfoil. As the Hexagon features a special compartment that keeps the coal and the tobacco separated, you can change the tobacco bowl in seconds and continue your session. This means less time hassling with the old coals and igniting them once again. Especially handy feature when using natural coals and having an additional tobacco bowl in your hookah gear.

NB! When igniting the coal, keep in mind that always let it fully ignite before placing the coal on the bowl.


What affects the taste of your hookah session?

We did some research and found out three aspects that affect the hookah taste the most. Here they are.

The tobacco and its quantity


Photo: Marko Vilberg

Tobaccos are different depending on the region. Most modern tobaccos don’t require too much heat. However, in some cases, they do. Therefore, run some test sessions to find out the appropriate amount of tobacco you need for a great hookah taste!

Different tobaccos require different coals, as well. So, if your first hookah session isn’t good enough, play with the amount of tobacco and with the amount of coal. If you use too much tobacco, it may come into contact with the hot surfaces and thus burn. However, using less tobacco may result a hookah not “working” so well because the coal won’t bake the wet and moist tobacco enough. The truth is out there, trust us!


The hookah coal


As if the world isn’t complex enough – there are tens of different hookah coals available as well. It’s the shape and size of the coal that affects your hookah session. The golden rule is to use ¾ of a regular quick light coals (see the photo above!) or one full piece of natural coal. However, if this doesn’t satisfy your taste senses, try out some different combinations.  


Moving the coal during the session

And last but not least – it’s whether you move the coal during your hookah session or not, that affects the session quality. If you place the burning coal in the middle of the tobacco bowl and you don’t move it a single time, your session duration decreases dramatically. What we recommend you to do – place it on one side of the bowl and move it by tilting the hookah up tp 45 degrees after 5-7 minutes. Doing so helps you to enjoy the fresh  hookah taste the longest!


Follow these simple tricks to enjoy a fresh tasting hookah session with Hekkpipe Hexagon!

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