Make your Hekkpipe stand out by ordering a custom engraving!

Personalized engravings are a good way to let your hookah carry a word/sentence or even a logo that resonates with you. You will stand out in every catering where you take your Hekkpipe with you.

Why add a custom engraving to Hekkpipe?

  • You want a unique, one of a kind Hekkpipe.
  • Surprise your friend on his/her birthday by adding an engraved quote or a poem.
  • Cherish your business partners by giving them a Hekkpipe with a logo and greetings.

Some examples of custom engravings

Custom Engraving

Description: The engraving can be either text or logo and must fit inside the box shown below at “Possible areas for custom engraving”.
If the engraving is a logo engraving, the logo must meet the following conditions:
– black-white (not shades of gray),
– preferably in vector format (.pdf, .dxf or .png)

$24.40 incl. VATAdd to cart

Special Engraving

Description: We set no limits to where or how big the engraving is. You can add your special design to all of the sides of Hekkpipe.
Exception: The stock Hekkpipe and Hexagon logos will remain.

Cost: Depends greatly on the size of the engraving and the number of sides used on the Hekkpipe. It’s usually between 30 to 100 euros.

Send email: with your idea/picture/text. We can work with you to find the best solution for the engraving before you order the Hekkpipe. Once we have agreed upon the engraving, we will work out the cost and help you place the order.

Ordering process for “Custom engraving”

– Add the Custom Engraving to cart by clicking the button above.
– Proceed by adding your favorite Hekkpipe to cart and check out.
– As soon as you’ve placed the order, you’re presented with an order ID. Send an email to with your order ID and engraving information and we will send you a confirmation sketch to make sure the engraving will be just as you want it to be.

Not sure about the final result?

-After receiving your order, we will send you a confirmation sketch of the engraving so you can be sure we will not engrave it before we’ve received your thumbs up.
-If you don’t want to place an order before you’re certain, the engraving will be what you imagine it to be, send your preferable hookah model and the engraving (or multiple possible engravings) to and we’ll answer with a sketch (or sketches) of how the engraving (s) will look.

Possible areas for custom engraving