The coolest portable products that shift the market
The coolest portable products that shift the market

Ever felt the need to replace your ordinary gear with portable products? Well, we have. However, the world of technology develops so rapidly that it’s easy to lose track. But let us give you a helping hand. We hand-picked seven of the coolest portable products for you that are shifting the market. There’s a bonus one at the very end, so be sure to read carefully.


#7 Swiss army knife – the mother of all portable products

Swiss army knife - macGyver - portable must have productYou remember MacGyver – the legendary guy with a brown leather jacket who could make bombs out of chewing gum – right? Well, we may find it all kind of funny today but the show gave as at least two things. First, the belief that everything is possible. Second, the Swiss army knife! This little thing – also known as the mother of all portable products – shifted the market a lot, enabling you to carry literally a large toolbox in your pocket. Comes handy when hiking or fixing something at home. Or opening a bottle of wine.  


#6 Hammock

hammock-tent-new age portable productAnother thing that comes handy when hiking is – give us some drums – a hammock! Especially when it’s a hammock tent. This is, in a nutshell, a hanging tent usually for one person. Due to its light weight and small dimensions when packed, it’s a good choice for a hiker. Hammock tents are extremely portable – you can hang them up wherever possible, even in places where the soil would be wet or uncomfortable. Imagine smoking your Hekkpipe there!


#5 Smartphone camera lens

Smartphone camera lens to have awesome photosYet another extremely portable product – smartphone camera lens – made us leave the high-priced digital cameras in the shop. Forget about all the fancy Instagram filters. If you like to do beautiful photos with no or little hassle, you should get yourself a camera lens instead. The camera lenses come in different shapes, colors and functionalities, so make sure you do a little research before clicking the “buy” button.


#4 Instant/polaroid camera

Instant polaroid camera add it to your backpackBut what if you prefer old school photography instead? No worries, we have something for you, too. Once you’ve tried an instant camera there’s no going back – you simply need it! As a polaroid camera owner you can replicate the cool US-made movies where people take instant photos at events and share them with invitees. So, in the smartphone-era we live in, instant or polaroid cameras are the coolest things!


#3 Portable speakers

Portable speakers - take music and hookah everywhere you go

Photo: @alenvarep

But wait, there’s more market-shifting portable products! Take boomboxes or portable speakers, for instance. The digital revolution has brought us to the moment where we can listen to our favorite songs wherever we are and go. No need to walk around with a retro stereo boombox on your shoulder, unless you really want to.


#2 Solar-powered battery bank

Solar-powered battery bank - take it everywhere you goIn light of the previous market-shifting product, the downside of listening to music whenever and wherever you are, is – we’re sure you’ve noticed – your smartphone’s battery. In a nutshell, you have two options to stand against this – buy a Nokia 3310 (that was just recently updated, by the way) or a battery bank. But hey, take a small step and become a bit closer friends with the environment and choose a solar-powered battery bank. This way you can listen to your favorite music during your Hekkpipe hookah session in extreme or a bit safer places.


#1 Smart card reader +iD

Smart card reader and ID card - give signature whenever and whereever you are

Ready to wrap it up? The coolest portable product which is shifting the market – besides Hekkpipe, of course – is +iD smart card reader. This magnificent-looking product comes also from Estonia just like Hekkpipe! +iD is the world’s smallest smart card reader which was invented back in 2009 out of the need to replace the old readers and their tangle of wires.

When you’re reading this from the US or any other non-EU country, you may wonder what the HEKK is a smart card and why it’s useful. No worries, mate – you can read about Estonian e-Residency project and keep yourself updated with the latest news in ICT.


Bonus portable product – hookah

portable hookah - the best on the marketBefore we head out to enjoy the first days of our summer vacation we’ll give you a bonus portable product that we believe has shifted the market. Yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s Hekkpipe!

Hekkpipe is a hookah like no other. Due to its smart and compact design, Hekkpipe is fully portable and ready to travel with you wherever you want to go next, be it the beach, festival, hiking, boat or snowboarding trip. Hekkpipe comes with a shoulder strap (Hekkpipe Active) or hand strap (Hekkpipe Deluxe) that makes it easy to carry around.

You can add some character to your hookah, too, with a personal engraving like your name, your company’s logo, some funny statement or a special wish. Why not give it as a gift to someone special?

And last but not least – Hekkpipe portable hookah takes your hookah experience to another level with its greater airflow and special vortex type bowl that guarantees longer smoking sessions without burning and scorching.


This was our choice of 7+1 coolest portable products which are shifting the market. Do you know any other? Be sure to let us know or show them together with your Hekkpipe using hashtag #hekkpipe on Instagram.


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