Car hookah all the way – Van-lifers Lifeisaview and Hekkpipe
Car hookah all the way – Lifeisaview and Hekkpipe

What is the best car hookah in the world? Well, you probably know the answer – we believe Hekkpipe does the trick brilliantly! And what could be a better way to prove it than sharing an example from real life. Be so kind and let us introduce you – Lifeisaview, an Estonian family who fell in love with van life and hookah.


What and who is Lifeisaview?

What and who is Lifeisaview

Photo: @lifeisaview

Lifeisaview – also known as Eero (28), Aleksander (4) and Mari-Anne (27) – is a three-member family from Pärnu, a town in Estonia. They decided to give their heart to vanlife in autumn 2017. Now, they’ve been on the road for more than 10 months and visited tens of countries since. See their vanlife video channel on YouTube!


Why Hekkpipe is the best car hookah?

Why Hekkpipe is the best car hookah

Photo: @lifeisaview

As we have written in one of our earlier posts, Hekkpipe should be a must-have vanlife gear. We believe all Hekkpipe models are perfectly suitable for vanlifers, but especially Hekkpipe Hexagon and Hekkpipe Active for three reasons:

  • Hekkpipe is a compact and light hookah
    Storage is extremely limited when living in a van. Therefore, you need a very compact hookah. This is exactly where Hekkpipe can help you out – for example, Hekkpipe Hexagon weighs 0,6 kg only.
  • Hekkpipe is a durable hookah
    Vanlifers move a lot and for this very reason they need a durable friend to accompany them. Hekkpipe is made from durable materials. And wood is more durable than glass, isn’t it? Consider Hekkpipe Active, for example – the ease-of-use and robust design have made it our bestseller.
  • Hekkpipe is an eye-catching hookah
    You sure meet some new people along the way. Hekkpipe is here to help you find new friends. Both Active and Hexagon definitely stand out from the crowd and give you the ability to be a people magnet everywhere.


Lifeisaview and Hekkpipe – give your helping hand

hekkpipe active lifeisaview engraving

Photo: @lifeisaview

What you might not have known is that Eero and Mari-Anne are true hookah fans. One day, they contacted us and asked if we were interested in partnership. Well, hell yeah! Hekkpipe, being the best choice for car hookah, is just the right choice for them!

Recently, they launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a van life documentary. It has been a major success so far – their initial goal was to raise 2900 euros, but today, the supporters have donated more than 7000 euros altogether. Just wow!

But hey, the campaign isn’t over yet! You have the opportunity to support them up to July 15th. As a reward, you can for example choose HEKKPIPE X LIFEISAVIEW engraved Hekkpipe Active in a stylish black and natural combo!

So, go and give a helping hand. If they raise 350% of their goal, Lifeisaview will give away their van to a lucky winner!

Eero and Mari-Anne dream of going to an around the world trip. If they raise 1000% of their goal, they have the perfect opportunity to do that. Help them realize their dreams!

Lifeisaview and Hekkpipe give your helping hand

Photo: @lifeisaview

Don’t forget to post memories of your quality time with Hekkpipe to Instagram using hashtag #hekkpipe.


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