Hookah and drinks | The best drinks to enjoy with hookah
Hookah and drinks - The best drinks to enjoy with hookah

Hookah and drinks – what, when, how much and why bother at all? These are the questions we’ll cover in this article. Read on to get some hints of trendy drinks to enjoy with your hookah. Important note – products described in this article are meant to be for consuming not putting inside the hookah, right? 🙂

To get things straight – remember to stay hydrated when smoking tobaccos with nicotine (and who doesn’t like that, right?). We’ll come to that later on, but here are our TOP 6 drinks to enjoy with Hekkpipe hookah. Be sure to read until the very end to find out our best recommendation.

#6 Hookah and milk – Intriguing choice for hookah and drinks

smoking hookah with milkSounds intriguing and maybe even a bit odd, doesn’t it? However, drinking cold milk during your session is a nice change to your routine. This drink definitely makes you feel fresh. In addition to that, drinking milk could serve as a quick snack – no need to peek into your fridge. Why not try mixing cocoa powder in your drink to get a sweet refreshment?

Sure, milk is not for everyone – you can always replace classic milk with soya milk, maybe even vanilla or chocolate flavoured? Definitely a drink worth giving a try.


#5 Hookah and fresh juice

hookah and drinks - fresh juice

Photo: Hàn Vi Phạm Thị

This hookah and drinks choice, truth be told, doesn’t sound very intriguing. However, fresh juice is a nice combo no one can resist. Have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice to compliment your hookah session and you won’t regret.

Fresh juice serves two purposes in the same time – it refreshens and gives you energy as well.


#4 Hookah and coffee

wooden hookah engraving - hookah and drinks

Photo: @msroosimaa

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a morning person or an owl, coffee is always a choice to consider while doing hookah. We suggest coffee for two reasons – first, it definitely neutralizes the taste of tobacco. Whether smoking sweet tobaccos like watermelon or cherry, or maybepure mint tobacco instead, coffee gives your taste senses a break – thus allowing you to enjoy your session longer. Maybe even starting another one?

Second, coffee keeps you awake and combined with hookah may even help you concentrate. Bare in mind, though, that if you choose to pour Red Bull in your coffee, you will probably soon start hearing colours. 🙂

If you’re worried about not falling asleep after your hookah session, try decaf coffee instead.


#3 Hookah and beer/cider or hookah and wine

alcohol hookah - hekkpipe hexagon wooden hookah

Photo: @edvinlaani

Sure, you’ve all enjoyed Hekkpipe hookahs at parties and events, accompanied by different alcoholic beverages. That’s OK, but we suggest sticking to classics – beer or cider. There’s no doubt – those small sparkly bubbles in beer or cider accompanied by tobacco make you feel good. When choosing beer or cider we’d suggest something of lighter colour (and thus something of lower volume of alcohol) – the darker the beveridge the less you’ll finally taste the tobacco flavour. If you want to be trendy, go with some IPA maybe?

When choosing between sweet or natural ciders in terms of hookah and drinks, stick with the latter – its taste won’t influence the other flavours so much. But if you’re a fan of sweet drinks, prefer tobaccos with mint.

If you’re more a wine lover, choose wine. But same principles apply here, too. If you smoke a sweeter tobacco, prefer dry wine. If you use hookah tobacco with mint, you might choose semi secco or sweet wine, if you like. Read more about hookah and alcohol use.

Note that when you’re the designated driver, there’s always the opportunity to choose non-alcoholic beer or cider.


#2 Hookah and black/green mint tea

can hookah make you sick - hekkpipe hookah

Photo: @edvinlaani

You don’t have to be an Englishman in New York or Yorkshire to like tea. Did you know that hookah origins go as far as the Arab world and the Middle East, where people smoke hookahs aka water pipes as part of their culture and traditions? Besides hookahs they are very fond of tea – this is why you should at least once try black tea to accompany you and your Hekkpipe session. Black tea alone may not taste as heaven, but having a few sips of black tea in between the hookah turns purifies your sense tastes and mind.

You can also try green mint tea – a bit safer and universal choice. Or maybe peach ice tea instead?


#1 Water – the best choice in terms of hookah and drinks

hookah and alcohol - water and hookah

Photo: Jaanus Jagomägi

Like scissors beats paper, water beats everything by miles! Water is a bit like vodka – you can mix it with almost everything, but choosing water means you can still go driving afterwards. We’d suggest trying water with cucumber and/or lemon – it makes up a very refreshening experience AND is useful for you, too. You’d also might go with carbonated water and mix it with different tastes. Just remember, carbonated and still salty mineral water like Vytautas, Borjomi etc will probably ruin your session and kill every taste you’d want to feel.

Drinking water is all about following the golden rule of staying hydrated we mentioned above. We’ve all probably discovered ourselves smoking hookah and suddenly or soon afterwards feeling dizzy – not in the the good way – and thus disrupted. Some of us may even feel kind of sick. That’s nothing to worry about – it’s just your body telling you that it can’t handle so much nicotine at once. The easiest way is to drink enough water and maybe even have a slight snack before starting your session.


To sum it up – drink whatever rocks your boat, but please do drink something! A quick final tip – keep in mind that your beverage should accompany your tobacco. So, when smoking something sweet, your drink could be something the opposite. And well, when drinking something sweet – the other way around.

Have you tried something not listed here? Don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, be sure to post memories of your quality time with Hekkpipe to Instagram using #hekkpipe! 

Cheers and drink up!


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