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Are you a service provider or a hookah shop owner? Check out what Hekkpipe has to offer you!

Hekkpipe for hookah online and physical shops

Hekkpipe products are sold in different shops in Europe and United States. If you’re interested in offering Hekkpipe products in your shop then write us an email: shop@hekkpipe.com

Hekkpipe products are suitable for:

  • design shops
  • gift shops
  • tobacco stores and coffee shops
  • supermarkets and malls
  • shops offering spiritual products

Ask wholesale prices from us and start selling Hekkpipes from your store(s)

Hekkpipe for events and venues

Hekkpipe is the perfect outdoor hookah, but it also handles bars and lounges brilliantly. If you’re interested in cooperation, write to us: shop@hekkpipe.com.

We’ll be happy to make a friendly discount on your purchase.

Hekkpipe products are suitable for:

  • outdoor festivals and events
  • cafes and lounges
  • bars
  • hookah catering

Why choose Hekkpipe for your venue or event?

  • Quick set-up
  • Safe for both users and waiters to transport
  • Durable, but small and compact
  • Ability to customize the hookah with your logo
  • High ROI
  • Mutual campaigns in Facebook and Instagram
  • Best know-how from our team

Hekkpipe for businesses

Struggling to find innovative business gifts for partners? Try Hekkpipe hookahs!

We can add a custom engraving to all our hookahs – this will certainly cherish your business partners. We can also make a friendly discount when you buy more than five hookahs at once!

If you’re interested in the offer, contact us: shop@hekkpipe.com

Why Hekkpipe?


We love to support you in any question you have related to Hekkpipe. We do it fast and cheerfully šŸ˜‰


The more you order the cheaper the transportation cost for hookah will be. So don’t hesitate to order a lot! šŸ˜‰


We use only trustworthy and secured payment solutions. We have never had a case that money gets lost.


The best hookah session quality is important for us, so we share constantly new tips and ticks.

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