Why an additional bowl is useful during hookah session?
Why an additional bowl is useful during hookah session

Organizing a hookah party or just inviting some friends over for a quick Hekkpipe session? No matter the occasion – having an additional tobacco bowl in your Hekkpipe gear is definitely an useful investment. Here’s why.

Your gear lasts longer

Two hookah bowls - having additional hookah bowl can save your dayThink about your favourite jeans. Let’s pretend they get worn out in two years. Now, imagine having two pairs of your favourite jeans – if you wear them by turns they’ll last for four years, don’t they?

It’s the same with your Hekkpipe gear. If you have an additional tobacco bowl, your hookah lasts even longer. Should you happen to drop one of your bowls and you are unfortunate enough to brake it – no problem! You just take the spare one and the party continues.


Saves time & makes your friends happy

Save time preparing hookah by having additional hookah bowl

Imagine the last hookah party you visited. You all enjoy your Hekkpipe and have a good time. Then, the coal burns out and you have to start your usual routine – go to the kitchen, throw away the old coal and burnt tobacco and start making a new bowl. Then you return to your friends and find out that tens of topics have meanwhile been covered and you participated in zero of them… “What could be the alternative?” you ask. “An additional bowl,” we reply.

Before the party begins you prepare two bowls at the same time – no need to pack the tobacco, put it aside and then find it all over again. When the coal burns out, you simply switch the bowls, ignite a new coal (if necessary) and the party continues.

It’s a piece of cake with all our hookahs, especially with the revolutionary Hexagon – see the video below. Hexagon has a separate chamber for the coal and the tobacco, so you can easilly refill your tobacco or put another coal on the bowl. Thus, save time AND make your friends happy. 😉

Keeps your hands clean

Keep your hands clean while adding tobacco to hookah bowl

As you already know, all Hekkpipes come with hookah tongs equipped with a needle. This little magic thingy helps you to pull pieces of tobacco into the bowl – this way you keep the pincers clean of tobacco to easily light the coal.

But still – after refilling the bowl, you’ll still have to wash your hands for the pure sake of hygiene.

But hey – if you have an additional bowl, you only have to do this once. Instead of refilling you simply switch the prepared bowl and voilà!

See how quickly it all goes!


Last but not least – your Hekkpipe tastes better

The abovementioned reasons didn’t convice you? Well, here’s one that will. When enjoying your hookah with a single bowl, you’ll probably take the maximum out of it – that means, smoke it until it’s completely dead. That, however, isn’t a refreshening nor a very healthy experience.

An additional bowl allows you to switch the bowl earlier, thus bringing out the best in your tobacco and really allowing your Hekkpipe to be what’s it meant to be – the soul of every hangout.

Enjoy shisha picnic

A quick final tip when choosing your additional bowl – don’t go with the cheap metal bowl. It might fancy you because it’s strong, but it will heat up very quickly and burn your tobacco and hands later on.

Stick with Hekkpipe’s hand-crafted ceramic hookah bowl instead which features a tower in the middle which prevents your tobacco from burning. This enables the tobacco to bake and give out fine taste instead of burning it and making you cough. The holes are placed away from the bottom which prevents your very wet tobacco juice from dripping away. Compatible with all Hekkpipe models.


Enjoy your hookah!


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